Run A VMware Windows 7 Virtual Machine With Oracle VirtualBox

“Changing over” a virtual machine starting with one organization and then onto the next isn’t direct 100% of the time. Our past article (see this page ) outlined the methodology you can follow to run a VMware virtual machine ( .VMDK design ) Windows XP with Prophet VirtualBox programming. We continue the subject by introducing our way of dealing with “moving” a Windows 7 virtual machine. By duplicating, from VMware, the document with the.

VMDK expansion and involving it as a virtual circle of a VirtualBox machine, we ran into – during the boot stage – a blue screen bearing the blunder ( 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE ). The mistake (which creates a boundless restart of the Windows 7 virtual machine) is because of the various designs of the virtual equipment regulators utilized, from one viewpoint, in the VMware virtualization arrangements, and on the other, in VirtualBox. As an initial step, it is prudent to check – in the wake of restarting the Framework – that the Profiles of your PC permit the empowering of the VT expansions.

Back in Windows, you want to begin Prophet VirtualBox and demand the making of another virtual machine ( New button on the toolbar). Following the directed methodology, you should relegate a name to the virtual machine and ensure that Windows 7 is demonstrated in the accompanying drop-down menus : Going on by tapping on the Following button, it is essential to show how much Smash is to be dispensed to the virtual machine being made:
On account of Windows 7, around 1.5 GB of RAM is great.

Clicking Next by and by, when the Virtual Hard Plate window shows up, you want to demonstrate the VMware. VMDK record (the virtual hard circle that contains your Windows 7 establishment). Before proceeding, it is wise to duplicate the.VMDK document from the registry containing the VMware virtual machines to the VirtualBox subfolder with the virtual machine being made.

VirtualBox makes a new subfolder for each virtual machine that you begin utilizing the wizard. Typically, except if you have changed the inclinations of the program, all virtual machines are put away in the VirtualBox VMs envelope made by VirtualBox, at a similar level as framework organizers like Reports, Pictures, Downloads, Music, Recordings, Work area, and so on.:

The document coming from VMware (with . VMDK expansion should be physically duplicated into the organizer of the VirtualBox virtual machine being made).

Getting back to the VirtualBox wizard window, you should choose to Utilize a current hard plate, then, utilizing the button on the right of the menu, demonstrate the.VMDK record you recently replicated: After tapping on Straightaway and afterward on Make, we recommend choosing the newly created virtual machine, tapping on Settings on Framework, and ticking the Empower IO APIC box : On the processor tab, it is excellent to actuate Empower PAE/NX again.

At last, in the Screen segment, we propose checking the Empower 3D speed increase and Empower 2D video speed increase boxes by relegating a lot of memory to the virtual video card (for our situation, we determined 128 MB). By affirming the mediations applied by squeezing the OK button, it will, at last, be feasible to begin the Windows 7 virtual machine ( Begin, in the VirtualBox toolbar).

That’s what the issue is; following the beginning of the Windows 7 boot method, as a virtual machine, you will see the quick appearance of a blue screen and the ensuing programmed restart of the Framework. Most importantly, to understand the mistake that has emerged, restart the virtual machine ( Machine menu, VirtualBox Reset ), press the F8 button, and pick the thing ” Impair programmed restart after framework blunder “: Like this, you will want to smoothly peruse the items in the blue screen taking note of the blunder message: As you can see, the error displayed is 0x0000007B.

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Run A VMware Windows 7 Virtual Machine With Oracle VirtualBox

"Changing over" a virtual machine starting with one organization and then onto the next isn't direct 100% of the time. Our past article (see...