Seven Ways To Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy

The world is continuously evolving and adapting to the needs of the time. In earlier days, there was no technology hence no need for innovation. But as time passed, people quickly realized that they need newer methods to do their work efficiently, so that’s how daily operations became digitalized through technological integration.

In today’s era, companies are actively promoting their products and services online, while customers love the concept of online shopping. In the year 2020, promotional strategies are not limited to creating blog posts with tons of information. People show a sprouting interest in displaying visual content as well, such as images, videos, and infographics, calling for innovative strategies.

As a savvy marketer, you must know how video marketing is becoming essential for your digital marketing strategy. Technology is making the audience lazy; instead of reading the information, they prefer to listen and watch it with visuals. After all, body language, tone, and surroundings create a more compelling story. Many companies have already started video marketing campaigns, but is it all you need to do?

A video marketing strategy is a lot more than creating random videos and posting them on social media. An effective campaign focuses on creating entertaining videos that draw attention while delivering the company’s brand message at the same time.

So, if you want to level-up your game, the following are the seven ways to boost your video marketing strategy:

1. Transcribe Your Videos

Do you know what video transcription is? With most companies creating video content, smart marketers are trying to establish a user-friendly experience, which will enhance their video viewership. To engage the viewer, people often prefer transcribing their videos. Transcription is the process of translating the video into readable text. After all, there are still some people who prefer reading over watching, and you surely don’t want to miss out on any of these customers.

If you notice, 5% of the world’s population can’t hear, while 10% can’t see. You might miss out on this chunk of the audience if you are not transcribing videos. Surprisingly, you don’t have to translate videos yourself. You can generate a transcript from video automatically by seeking help from a professional company like designrr. You have to upload this script on the same webpage as video to ensure everyone can access it.

2. Add Value For Viewers

Everyone watches videos to entertain themselves, which means you have to view it as an avenue for improving the buyer’s experience. Skimp on the standard promotional strategies and offer value to customers.

You can answer their questions, help them learn about your brand, or showcase new ways of using your product or services. Similarly, come up with a captivating topic, so customers can’t hold back from clicking on the video. Likewise, content should be entertaining enough to keep the people hooked.

3. Keep Videos Short And Professional

Some people use video marketing as a sales pitch. Unfortunately, this is not how this strategy works; instead, you have to ensure authenticity. If you have something valuable to share, try to keep your videos short – less than 60 seconds. Alongside being engaging, it would keep the users hooked, allowing them to watch the entire video.

Similarly, you have to ensure professionalism by staying away from controversies and promoting content that holds value. Moreover, include a call to action that instructs people to subscribe to your channel, while allowing them to share the video with their friends. Make sure to enable sharing on social media forums, exposing your brand to new audiences.

4. Engage In Storytelling

Storytelling has always been popular when it comes to promotions and marketing. Likewise, it is vital for the success of your video marketing campaign because people love stories even in 2020. It helps them understand the world around them since stories are a great way to communicate a complex idea. Thus, instead of limiting your videos to stats and figures, share some funny incidents or inspirational content, connecting the audience with your brand.

To make it easy for you, here are some ideas:

  • Share testimonials: The success stories of your customers because these days, other’s word of mouth holds much importance.
  • Highlight your unique selling proposition: Explaining to customers how your product is different from the rest, you can advocate your brand effectively.
  • Stay up to date with the trends: in the market and don’t mind sharing your opinions on new topics.
  • Share personal stories: Videos allow getting personal with customers by showing people behind your brand and establishing a connection with customers.

Believe it or not, but these little tips and tricks can significantly elevate your video marketing strategy.

5. Increase Your SEO Ranking

Can people find your videos quickly in the search engine? You might be creating impeccable videos, but it doesn’t mean anything if people can see them. That happens when you fail to optimize your videos because, after Google, YouTube is the biggest search engine. Therefore, to boost your video marketing strategy, you have to make your familiar yourself with the optimization rules of every forum.

If you are publishing videos on Facebook, you have to keep them short and add captions. Besides, if you are promoting on YouTube, you have to wait for two weeks after uploading the video, and then make changes or target audience. Likewise, Twitter asks for fine-tuned targeting with essential hashtags and keywords. However, your job doesn’t end here because optimizing for SEO is the key. Pull of research to understand how things work for Google and its criteria for ranking the videos.

6. Brand Your Videos

The purpose of pursuing video marketing is to promote your brand and deliver your message across. Therefore, you have to be consistent with digital branding rather than using different logos and themes on every forum. Decide what branding elements you will include in your videos and whether users will be able to recognize your brand or not. If you own a clothing brand with a red logo, add the logo to the top right corner of the video, while keeping the animations and theme red. It makes it easier for people to recognize your brand after watching your video.

7. Analyze Viewer Response

Believe it or not, results and feedback are the most effective way to learn viewer response of your videos. Analyzing the performance of your videos will help you to catch sight of how your marketing campaign is doing. It will identify whether your time and effort are giving results or not. Hence, you have to understand different metrics and work on your weak points to elevate your strategy.

Look for engagement rates, how many interactions your videos are getting, and check the views to see how many people have watched your video. Lower viewership will indicate that either your video doesn’t provide quality content, or it is not marketing too well for the audience. These stats will allow you to take immediate action and fix the glitches.


Videos have become an essential part of digital marketing since it helps in building a personal connection with the audience. You might have kicked off your video campaign, but it is of no use until you utilize it with effective marketing strategies. With tools and applications, creating video content has never been easier. Thus, with a little time and effort, you can devise an incredible campaign while opening doors of growth for your business. Hopefully, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you can now have a better marketing strategy for your videos.

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