What All Can Video Marketing Do For Small Businesses?

Video Marketing primarily deals with creating videos, generally short in length, for marketing or promoting your brand. Video marketing is a technique that has been growing in prevalence, with an increase in the consumption of video content on the internet. YouTube, as well as Facebook ads, provide ample space and opportunity for brands to include videos for promotion before, during, or after the video. Small businesses can particularly benefit from video marketing since it costs significantly less than other forms of marketing such as television and print advertising. The following are the benefits of video marketing:

  1. Brand Awareness: Obviously, the prospective customer needs to be aware of your brand to avail your products or services. The best way of making the people at large aware of your brand is through video marketing. Video marketing allows you to explain and promote your brand much more effectively in much less time. Brand awareness is the key to an increase in revenues. The more customers know your brand, and what it stands for, the more likely they are to both use it and recommend it to further prospective customers.
  2. Online Presence: With the world increasingly moving online, establishing and maintaining an online presence has become important for businesses of all sizes and scales. Most businesses now hire social media specialists to curate appropriate content and post it on social media. Over a billion people are active on Facebook, and billions more avail the services of Twitter, Reddit, etc. The internet provides a goldmine of customers to acute brands, and maintaining an online presence helps you always stay under your target customers’ eyes.
  3. Personality: Videos are impactful not merely because they allow you to use much more than simple text or sound. The impact of video lies in the fact that it allows you to express emotion. Each brand is associated with its customers with a particular feeling and emotion. The video format allows you to curate which feeling your brand is associated with and mould your remaining marketing strategy accordingly. When your customer can hear and see you, it creates a better impression than any other form of marketing.
  4. Viral Content: The only place you can go viral is on social media. And as social media gurus would tell you, going viral is the best revenue booster a brand can get. Once your content goes viral, it is published on multiple online portals, from blogs to YouTube channels, at times, even traditional media such as print and TV, totally free of cost. This serves the dual purpose of reduced costs of marketing and increased visibility to the customers. Going viral requires well-curated content, and it is most often video content that goes viral that is replayed millions of times.
  5. Trust: The most important aspect of any brand for a customer is trust. Customers who trust a brand stay with the brand. Video content allows your business to stay in front of the customer in the greatest possible way, and unequivocally express and explain its values and goals. This increases the customer’s trust in the brand as well as the products and services it offers. Brands with greater trust quotient have historically been known to show much greater customer retention. Video content is hence, the best way to build this trust and retain customers in the long run.
  6. Easy And Economical: Making videos, alongside being an effective way of marketing, is also very easy to do. Intro makers with no watermark are available all over the internet to not merely allow you to make videos but also teach you how to do the same. Promo video makers allow you to make short promos for your brand and often provide templates for you to work with. This generally makes the process of creating videos for marketing very easy and economical, often even free of cost. Video making can be learned in a very short amount of time and can be of great assistance in effectively marketing your brand.
  7. Revenue Increases: The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to drive sales and increase revenues. Video marketing is amongst the most efficacious ways of driving sales up, especially if the content you create goes viral. Several brands rely exclusively on video marketing tools, especially given that it is not very costly and significantly increases the brand’s user base. This increase in visibility is almost bound to translate into an increase in sales, and the only trade-off to be considered is whether the increase in the cost of marketing is less than the increase in sales and profits.

Hence, video marketing is an important and essential tool for marketing your brand to drive up sales. So, put on your director’s hat and make your first marketing video for your brand today!

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