Smart Home Devices Or The Emancipation Of The Dishwasher

Computers can count. Pretty almost even. Nevertheless, this is no longer a reason for arrogance. Since the advent of smart home devices, our computers are no longer the sole kings of bits and bytes in our houses. Even the dishwasher has long since emancipated itself and is no longer limited to cleaning cups and plates. And that although the inventors of the PC in the forties still thought that a maximum of five personal computers would be sold worldwide! In 2017 almost everyone owned a PC, laptop or tablet. In addition, household appliances and cars also have a certain amount of computing power.

To put it more glamorously, they have legendary artificial intelligence. The efficient control of light, electricity and energy often seems quite intelligent. Thanks to modern technology, smart devices not only simplify our everyday lives. They save us time and money too. For example, underfloor heating depends on whether you are in the room. Or the light that turns itself off when you go to bed, etc. Energy efficiency is not insignificant, especially considering global environmental problems and the imminent oil shortage—time for a quick overview.

The Home Thinks Along With You

However, it is not just the costs that are decisive when it comes to the smart home. There are also practical and emotional benefits. How often do you wonder if your iron or coffee maker is off when you leave the house? With smart home devices, such questions are a thing of the past.

A few years ago, who would have thought that the things that surround us every day would be able to help us in such a way? Developing technical devices in ​​​​the Internet of Things or artificial intelligence is as natural as evolution.

Why not let a heater reduce energy costs when it can do it thanks to a connection to a device with computing power? With appropriate programming, the windows are also automatically closed in strong winds. Or the ventilation or the lighting are adjusted in all humility to your presence or absence. And if you prefer to have your hand on the trigger, you can control your household with your smartphone. Or you can just let the devices remind you that the garage door is still open. Or has the temperature turned down?

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How Smart Home Devices Learn And Work

Great, this evolution, right? And relatively easy to implement if you pay attention to the details. After all, every household appliance that uses electricity can be set to a home network and, therefore, to a command. Where do the individual components of the tasks come from? Querying sensor data, such as the data from an anemometer, and reacting accordingly is one of how smart home devices work.

The anemometer, temperature sensor or motion sensor first measures the data that is then required, for example, to allow an awning to be extended and retracted at a threshold value. By networking with the so-called smart home system, the devices learn which tasks to master. A smart home center forms the interface for all devices. The target values ​​are specified here, and the actual values ​​are checked accordingly. Then there is action.

What A Smart Home Beginner Should Consider

If you want to raise your home to become a caring, intelligent beast, familiarize yourself with the various systems and devices in advance. Which components are important to you? Should the connection run via radio, a data line or the power line? It is also important that the control center is compatible with the individual smart home devices since it ultimately regulates the individual functions, helps the devices communicate with each other and simultaneously has a controlling function. As a distributor, the control center collects and distributes the individual data and communication streams in a self-contained network.

Similar to a computer network. Each signal contains a code that identifies the unit (the table lamp in the living room or the radio in the bedroom) and conveys an instruction such as “switch on” or, for lamps, “brighten” or “dim”. The signal only affects the device with the correct code. Apart from that, as already mentioned, sensors such as motion detectors or thermostats can also cause the Smart Home device to take action. However, most systems can also be operated with handheld remote control. The remote control sends signals directly to each module with radio wave signals or communicates with the central controller,

The user needs to think about how the individual smart home devices can communicate with each other before making a purchase. And which system is the right one? Smart home systems from individual manufacturers are usually geared towards smart home devices from their own homes. Telekom or RWE offer complete solutions. But there are also independent, smart home systems that make it possible to combine smart home devices from different manufacturers. Some smart home systems rely on radio. Others offer wired as well as wireless communication channels.

Facts And Figures From The Smart Home Market

Practical help, cost savings or security if you include the new possibilities of burglary protection through smart home devices. That’s quite several advantages that technical evolution brings with it. Finally, thanks to the Internet and especially the Internet of Things, it is relatively easy to set up everyday devices so that you can equip them with artificial intelligence, make them smart and teachable and control them from anywhere in the world.

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