Some Absolutely Necessary Tools for Every Startup Business

Starting your own business in this highly competitive era is not an easy task. Without a proper team and essential resources, your business can stumble and finally fall.
Thus, I have listed a few absolutely necessary tools for you. They will help you overcome every challenge that comes in the way of your success.

PDF Conversion Tools

Handling business documents in PDF form can be a headache for a common man. This is because they are hard to edit. You must have a PDF conversion tool so that you can convert the PDF files into some other editable file format.

You may have to merge multiple PDFs into a single document or divide a big file into several smaller ones. A PDF converter is hence an important tool for handling business documents.

Webinar Tools

Whether you deal with products or services, attracting more customers might seem a bit hard initially. A sure shot way to stand out from your competitors would be providing product demo training to the customers. Webinar tools will help you organize training for new potential customers. These tools will surely help you in the long run.

Data Visualization Tools

Instead of hiring a graphic designer to design your company’s blog or website, you could make use of some data visualization tools. You can design your business card and brochures on your own through the tons of pre-made templates provided in these tools. The data visualization tools also let you create infographics and cover photos which can impart a visually pleasing effect to your website.

User Experience Tools

Even after you have created your product and website, there is always a scope to improve. At an initial stage when you have limited resources, it would be better if you use a user experience tool instead of hiring a UI designer. The user experience tool will help you upgrade your product according to the user’s demand.

SEO Tools

SEO tools are again a must for a startup. With Google taking more than 200 ranking factors into account, SEO tools are crucial if you wish to rank higher in the search results.

You also need to track ranking, discover new keywords and keep an eye on your competitors. The SEO tools will help you rectify all your SEO errors and also improve your website. The SEO tools give a boost to your business and significantly increase your chances of success.

Project Development Tool

It’s true that initially, you will start with a small team. But this doesn’t necessarily imply that the number of projects you undertake will also be low. Considering you have a lot of work on your shoulders, you must try a project development or tracking tool. Such a tool will help you keep all your tasks centrally organized.

Accounting Tools

In the beginning, when you have a limited budget, rather than hiring an accountant, you could take some help from accounting tools. For a startup business that has no experience in managing revenues and cash flow, the accounting tools can come in handy.

Social Media Tools

If your startup doesn’t have a social media presence, it doesn’t even exist. Over 80 million small businesses currently use Facebook pages to connect to their customers. Odds are that your competitor is already on Facebook. If you don’t wish to be left out, then you must also have a social media presence.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all widely used social media platforms that can help you reach out to the masses.

Email Marketing Campaigning Tool

Email marketing has always been on the prime especially considering the RoI it has to offer. You don’t need to employ a complete army of people for sending emails. Just use an efficient email marketing tool to run your email campaigns.

Presently, around 49% of businesses use some form of email automation. When your employees don’t have to spend hours sending hundreds of emails, they can invest their time in more important tasks at hand.

Writing Tools

Whether you are writing website content or guest posts, writing tools will automatically point out your grammar and spelling mistakes. Plagiarism checker tools are equally essential as you must already know that plagiarized content on your website or posts can really be a disaster for your SEO.

Now that you are aware of the tools that are available at your use, capitalize on them. Because tech is the only way forward!

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