Step By Step Guide To Upload videos On Instagram TV (IGTV)

Surely you want to upload your videos to Instagram TV. So that you know how to do it in detail correctly, here is a tutorial to do it step by step in different ways.

Step By Step Procedure To Upload Instagram or IGTV App

To upload a video on Instagram or IGTV App here is a procedure to follow.

  • Click on the “+” symbol at the bottom, in the menu, and select the video you want to upload to your profile. Then click on “next”.
  • You must select the “ long video ” option to be able to share a video with a duration of at least 60 seconds on IGTV. Video pieces lasting less than 60 seconds can be shared directly from the profile and/or feed. So you should select ” short video> continue “.
  • You will have to touch and slide the image at the bottom of the screen to be able to choose an image that is the cover or if you do not touch the symbol “+” to “add from the photographic roll” in iPhone or in “add from the gallery” to the Android. Then tap “next.”
  • Put a title and a description that complement the video you want to upload to IGTV.
  • If you have an IGTV series and want to add a new video, click “add to series”. On the other hand, if it is the first time that you create a series, you must give it a name.
  • Lastly, and I recommend that you do so, you have the option of publishing a preview of the video in your Instagram feed or profile, or directly sharing it on your Facebook page. Thus, you will be able to capture your audience and take them to see the full video.
  1. If you decide to post a preview, you have the option to tap “edit profile cover” to define how the cover photo will look on Instagram Television in the profile grid.
  2. Another option you have is “edit preview”, where you can say how you want the preview of the video you want to upload to IGTV to be seen in your feed. This possibility only appears when the video ratio is 9:16. If instead, the ratio is 16: 9, the video will be shown in full.
  • Finally, click on ” publish “. And you will have your video uploaded.
  • Don’t forget that if you select the “short video” option and upload one that has more than 60 seconds to your feed or profile, what will happen is that the video will be cut in 60 seconds. The rest will not appear.

Instagram TV For Brands

It is still too early to know if Instagram TV will one day become a viable alternative to YouTube. But for now, it can be a very interesting complement to your content marketing.

The vertical format of the videos on Instagram TV means that we cannot limit ourselves to making a simple “copy and paste” of the videos that we have created for other platforms such as YT, but rather that we have to think about specific content for this network. Keep in mind that IGTV is intended for videos created from the mobile, and therefore has a more “relaxed” and casual approach.

To start, here are some ideas for your brand channel on IGTV:

  • Videos “how was it done” of your events, launches … with small clips recorded with a mobile that show the whole process.
  • Tutorials and unboxing of your products.
  • New product launches and sneak peek. If you use Instagram TV to offer exclusive content in advance, you will encourage users to follow you on this network.
  • Discounts and promotions. One more incentive to start creating a community around your brand in this app.
  • Interviews with different people from your company or with influencers and celebrities related to your brand.
  • Videos based on storytelling. Since you are no longer limited to one-minute videos, you can take the opportunity to share your brand’s story on Instagram TV.

As in YouTube, SEO is important for IGTV so that users can locate your videos. Think of popular hashtags and keywords that fit the content, and include them in the title and description. And of course, don’t forget to take advantage of the link of each video to direct users to your website, your online store or other sites of your interest.

At the moment, IGTV does not have monetization options for content creators or advertising for advertisers. But if this application comes to fruition, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them soon. In any case, it is an initiative with a lot of potentials to develop your brand presence and better connect with the audience, so I encourage you to do your first experiments with this network and see what works best for your company.

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