Things To know Before Purchasing A Bluetooth Speaker?

Your love your music. It sets you free and makes every moment enjoyable and remarkable. While using earphones is one way to enjoy your music alone, bluetooth speakers are another way to share the joy with the larger group. Be it a house party or a beach party, be it a movies night at home or a star gazing night on the hill top – you can depend on bluetooth speakers to keep you company.

If you are someone who is thinking of buying portable wireless speakers then this blog is for you!

Here we not only give you some key insights on how to buy a speaker but also suggest you some of the best latest bluetooth speakers that you can buy.

As you are aware of the fact that the market is currently overflowing with so many options, finding the one speaker can be really difficult. Here is a list of things that you should keep in mind before making a purchase. Don’t worry, we have kept this guide pretty simple.

Read on!

Build quality

If you are investing in portable speakers, then you are going to carry them around. Then you need something that is sturdy and durable. They should be able to endure the regular wear and tear and give you company through all your adventures.

Apart from the rugged build, you can also have a look at the IP ratings. IP ratings are indicative of the device’s resistance to dust and water.

The standard water-resistant rating is IPX4, and anything IPX7 or above can withstand varying degrees of submersion. If a speaker has an IP44 rating, it’s both dust- and water-resistant.

Sound quality

You are going to use your speakers to listen to music, right? Then it is important to have a look at the audio quality of the speakers. As drivers lie at the heart of any speaker and are instrumental in deciding how your speakers will sound. Most portable wireless speakers typically have a 40mm driver, which is a good size to start with.

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As the name indicates, bluetooth speakers are going to use bluetooth to establish a connection with a streaming device, you should have a look at the bluetooth version that they support. It is better to go with the latest bluetooth versions as they are faster and steady. This means that you can enjoy lag-free music from a distance.

Additionally, the latest bluetooth speakers even support multi-device connectivity. Meaning that you can pair multiple devices at the same time and switch between them without any hassle.

While bluetooth is a good to have, there are many speakers that also support aux connectivity. This dual-mode of connectivity gives you the freedom to establish a connection that does not drain your battery.


Speaking of battery, don’t forget to have a look at the size and capacity of the battery. As portable wireless speakers are generally small in size, they have smaller batteries. Go for a speaker that offers a decent playtime and does not make you run for charging.

Also, have a look at the charging style. Most speakers these days stick to a Micro-USB port, which makes it possible to charge them with power banks too, if you’re away from a wall socket.

These are the few basics that will help find the best bluetooth speaker online. Here are a few suggestions of the same from our side:

Stone 1450

One of the latest bluetooth speakers, it supports many interesting features. It is designed with a special carry handle so that you can take your music to the rugged outdoors.

With this, feel free to your favorite beats as it pumps out 40W RMS boAt signature sound. The excellent stereo sound packs a punch and leaves you wanting more. The RGB LED lights set the vibe right and make your room come alive. It supports an IPX5 rating that makes it a perfect companion for all your adventures.

Sony SRS XB43

An ultimate party speaker! It comes with a X-balanced speaker unit that delivers loud and punchy music. The speakerphone function offers a convenient way to talk hands-free, whether it’s a conference call for work or a chat with friends. You can hit the LIVE sound button and make your music come alive.

The IP67 rating makes t completely waterproof and wash-proof.

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Stone 190

This portable wireless speaker is perfect for people who love carrying their music everywhere they go. It is compact and powerful. The 52mm dynamic driver delivers loud and clear sound. Equipped with the latest bluetooth V5.0, it connects to your device in no time. The 800mAh battery provides playtime of up to 4H. It comes with an IPX7 water and dust resistance rating.

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