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Stellar Repair For Outlook – Best PST Repair Tool

Best way to recover corrupt PST files – using Stellar Repair for Outlook:

When using Microsoft Outlook, sometimes, you may face issues with the application due to corrupt PST files, virus infection, poor performance, sudden shutdown, or any other unexpected issues. Such issues can be addressed using various methods, but there are chances of losing the mailbox data.

A corrupt PST file leads to uncomfortable issues with your Outlook version. Sometimes you cannot access Outlook on your device. There might be many reasons for the PST file corruption. The inbuilt Outlook utility tool, Scanpst.exe, helps to repair the mail inbox but only to a certain extent. In this article, we have illustrated a third-party PST repair tool known as the Stellar Repair Tool for Microsoft Outlook.

The Stellar Repair for Outlook is the best repair tool with many prominent features. We will discuss this in detail further.

Personal Storage Table or PST File corruption and fixing it using Scanpst.exe:

A PST file or Personal Storage Table file is used to store mailbox items like emails, calendar events, contacts, attachments, etc. Due to various reasons such as sudden system shutdown, virus attack, Windows crash, etc., the PST file gets corrupted. Thus, you encounter errors in your Outlook application. To repair the corrupted PST file, an inbuilt PST repair tool by default known as Scanpst.exe is available.

The Inbox Repair tool or Scanpst.exe helps fix the issues in Outlook. However, the Outlook inbuilt utility tool has certain limitations. Scanpst.exe is useful in fixing only minor errors in Outlook data files. It cannot fix large files, and it is also not capable of recovering lost data. It is designed to delete corrupt elements to regain the PST in a consistent form. This way, the recovered folders may not contain the saved data or files.

Suppose you witness the message “Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair tool doesn’t recognize the PST file” on your screen even after trying to fix the corruption using the inbuilt recovery tool. In that case, it specifies that the file is severely damaged and cannot be recovered using the inbuilt Outlook utility tool.

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Various reasons why Scanpst.exe is not responding:

The following are some reasons why Scanpst.exe is not responding or cannot fix the corrupted files.

Large PST files:

If the PST file size exceeds the defined limit, the file becomes corrupted and may not respond to the inbuilt repair tool. So, removing unwanted data from Outlook is better to escape PST file corruption.

Upgrading the Microsoft Outlook version:

File corruption is possible when upgrading Microsoft Outlook to a higher version. The problem arises when a few files are not upgraded correctly. The tool replaces those files prematurely, making the data inaccessible.

A problem with the Hard Drive:

If there is damage or corruption in the hard drive, you may face issues or errors in the Microsoft Outlook files or database. So, the inbuilt repair tool may not work in fixing the PST file.

Virus Infection:

Another prominent reason for PST file corruption is the virus attack on the application or the system. Once the virus enters the device, it corrupts the underlying files. As a result, the data or files become inaccessible.

Unprotected Network:

When the PST file is shared over random or unsecured networks, then the file gets corrupted. So, you must make a proper check-up on the network before transferring the PST file.

Using unreliable third-party tools:

If you try unreliable third-party tools to fix the damaged file, there are greater chances of worsening the situation. The file may get severely corrupted. So, it is always essential to use a trustworthy and efficient third-party tool to repair the corrupt PST file.

Stellar Repair For Outlook – An efficient and reliable PST Repair Tool:

As the above illustration explains, Scanpst.exe cannot fix severe PST file corruption. So, there is no way to resolve the issue using an eminent third-party tool. The stellar Outlook repair tool is the best PST repair tool with unmatched performance. It has ultimate features, and the repair process is user-friendly in three simple steps.

Stellar Repair For Outlook with ultimate features and unmatched performance:

  1. The Stellar software repairs and recovers the entire PST data without deleting the files.
  2. The mailbox data recovery process is accomplished in three simple steps, unlike the lengthy procedure of Scanpst.exe.
  3. The software reconstructs the mailbox data with 100% accuracy, irrespective of the file size. It repairs even large files. There is no size limitation.
  4. The Stellar software tool repairs severely damaged files and recover the complete PST data such as emails, contacts, calendars, and attachments.
  5. The tool helps reduce the PST file size through the split and compact feature, thus minimizing the chances of corruption.
  6. The Stellar software provides a preview of the mailbox data. This feature lets the users verify and select only the required items for saving in desired formats.
  7. The scan engine can extract the data even if the PST file is password protected and encrypted.
  8. The Stellar software supports all versions of the Microsoft Outlook application.
  9. It recovers accidentally or intentionally deleted files very quickly.
  10. The software gives the user a reliable and satisfying experience and allows you to save the recovered files at the preferred location at your convenience.

You can Download the Software here.

The user-friendly three-step process to fix corrupt PST files.

Follow the below steps to repair the PST file using the Stellar Repair for Outlook application.

  • Download, install and launch the Stellar Repair for Outlook. (You will get the Activation key through mail once you purchase the ”Stellar Repair for Outlook software.)
  • Browse through the application and select the damaged or corrupted unrecognized PST file.
  • Click on the option “Repair.”
  • Preview the mailbox items and other recovered emails.
  • Now go to the “Home” tab and click on the option “Save Repaired File” to save the data.
  • To save the repaired file, choose the desired format, such as PST, HTML, RTF, EML, MSG, and PDF.
  • Then click “Browse” and choose the destination to save the file.
  • Finally, relaunch Microsoft Outlook with the same profile and use it trouble-free.

Bottom line.

In the above article, we have seen that the inbuilt Outlook tool, Scanpst.exe, can only fix corrupt files to a certain extent. It cannot repair severely damaged PST files. So, to repair highly corrupt PST files, you should use a reliable and efficient third-party PST file repair tool such as Stellar Repair For Outlook. The Stellar Repair for Outlook software has many eminent features and unmatched performance. The user-friendly software helps you save the repaired files in the preferred location in the desired format. There is a free demo version available. The software is available in three different editions based on features and functionalities. You can purchase your preferred edition based on your requirement.

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