This Is How You Work With Projects

What Is A Project Suitable For?

A project allows you to deeply analyze and optimize a website and its rankings. This includes, for example, the results of on-page analyses and rankings you monitor in monitoring or using the text optimizer. All data beyond orders in our keyword database are stored and used here on a long-term basis.

For Which Functions/Areas Do I Need A Project?

You Need A Project If You

  • Want to monitor rankings for any keyword. (monitoring)
  • Want to see rankings for keywords that aren’t in our keyword database? (monitoring)
  • want to keep an eye on the orders of your competitors. (monitoring)
  • I want to check your site for technical errors and opportunities for improvement. (on-page analysis)
  • Want to optimize your texts data-driven for their keywords. (text optimizer)
  • Want to create and send reports automatically (reporting)

When Do I Not Need A Project?

You can create a project for some websites you want to investigate. Enter the domain in the Smart Input header navigation and click Go. You can get a cursory overview of a domain’s keywords or backlinks even without a project. Without a project, you will receive domain data for keywords in the database. These include the areas:

  • Dashboard
  • Keywords
  • Links (backlinks only)
  • Ads

When Do I Need Multiple Projects?

You need a project for each website you maintain. You can also create tasks for specific subdomains or directories if you wish. You can create as many projects as you like. This makes it particularly attractive for SEO agencies and freelancers.

Classic Cases For Several Projects

  • SEO agencies and freelancers take care of their customers’ websites. Each website gets its project.
  • Your business has several websites that need to be taken care of. Each website gets its project.
  • You look after the website of an international corporation and have to manage subdomains or directories for different countries and languages. Then each subdomain or directory receives a project.

Only one project allows you to perform in-depth analysis, monitor individual rankings, and compare your site to the competition.

How Do I Create A Project?

As shown in the image, click Projects in the top-right navigation and select Create project. You can also edit your assignment later, for example, if your competition has changed or you want to add labels. You will now be guided step by step through the project setup. Please fill out all fields:

  • Settings: Enter domain and select search engine. You can set the entire environment, a subdomain, or individual directories as the basis for your project.
  • General: Store project name and description. If necessary, define a label, e.g., to record responsibilities or agreed services.
  • Keywords: Set keywords for which you want to monitor your rankings. Upload lists, choose from keyword suggestions, or add keywords manually. You can always add more keywords later. Specify for which devices and on which days your rankings should be monitored.
  • Competitors: Store the domains of your most robust competition. This way, you can keep an eye on the market and make comparisons. Add competitors manually or choose from the suggestions.
  • Checks & Alerts: By default, an on-page analysis is started for your project domain. She checks the website for technical errors and makes suggestions for improvement. You will also receive automatic alerts. If you do not want this, deselect the corresponding options.

How Do I Activate A Project?

This can be a project domain, but it doesn’t have to be. Finally, you can explore any part, even without a project. To activate a project, you have two options:

  • Enter the amount you want in the Smart Input at the top left, click Go, then select Make Project Active.
  • Go to Projects → All Projects and then click on the domain of the desired project.

Which Areas Of A Website Can I Monitor With A Project?

You can monitor the whole domain, just a specific subdomain or directory depending on your needs.

The Whole Domain

Enter the domain name to monitor the entire domain, including all subdomains. Now you select (if this has not already happened automatically) the globe in front of the field. This globe means that all subdomains and all directories of your domain are monitored.

A Subdomain

To monitor a specific subdomain, such as “blog.domain.de” (where “blog” represents the subdomain here), enter the domain accordingly. A symbol with two folders should automatically appear in front of the field, similar to project management. If it doesn’t, click on the existing icon and select it manually to create the project for an exact domain and all directories.

A Directory

It is only possible to create a project for the first root of a domain. These are often the language variables or product areas. You enter the domain, including any subdomains and directory (i.e., “blog.domain.de./de/”). A single folder should be displayed directly next to the small icon. If that doesn’t happen, click on the small icon in front of the URL and select the individual folder to create the project for an exact domain and directory.

How Do I Edit A Project?

You can adapt your project at any time if, for example, your competitors have changed. Go to Projects → My Projects and click on the respective project name.

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