What Do You Mean By HTTP Protocol

A protocol is a set of rules and rules that apply to guide an action or process. If we focus on the field of computer science , the notion is linked to the guidelines used to establish a communication process between various teams or systems.

HTTP meanwhile, is an acronym from the English expression Hypertext Transfer Protocol : ie Protocol Hypertext Transfer . This is the communication protocol used to transfer information through the World Wide Web .

Before explaining in detail what the HTTP protocol refers to , it is important to remember the structure proposed by the open systems interconnection model, known as the OSI model . This model recognizes eight layers in networks : the lowest is the physical layer , while the highest is the application layer .

The HTTP protocol acts precisely at the application level . Its function is the definition of semantics and syntax used by computer programs to communicate on the Web (the computer network formed by the interconnection of hypertext documents, which can be accessed via the Internet).

It can be said that the HTTP protocol indicates how browsers ( software ) should communicate with the servers ( computers or computers ) that host the information. What the user does is enter the website address in the browser and, after completing several steps, request resources from the server to finally display the data (texts, videos, images, etc.) on the screen.

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