What Fields Of Study Are Best Taught In An Online Environment?

Tutoring online jobs are becoming more in demand. The professional teacher and tutor may wonder what area is best to focus his or her attention. While all areas of study are available to teach online, there are certain subjects which are more suited to the online environment. If you have ever wondered what fields of study are best taught in an online environment, read this article.

An Online Experience

When trying to decide which area is best suited for a tutoring online job, it is important to realize that you will not be teaching in the same format as the traditional teacher. The atmosphere is unique for the tutoring jobs online. First, you will not be physically present with the student. Therefore, you need to choose a subject which can be taught without the need of being in the same room. For example, it would not be too beneficial to tutor for chemistry applications because such requires a lab and hands on learning.

It is important that you choose topics which are in demand. Sites such as Preply can give you a sign of what material is in needed. While any subject is open for you to teach online, there are a few subjects which are best.

Teaching Languages

According to the tutoring jobs listed on Preply, teaching languages is perhaps one of the best subjects which can be tutored. The reason for this is that the market is global and the students are eager to learn. It is also a subject which does not require much beyond a microphone and a camera. Programs have been using the hear and speak method of language learning for years. This is the method most commonly used by tutors. Tutorage in language requires that you have a proficiency in the language (preferably a native speaker) to properly educate the student.

When thinking about the global market, understand that you can teach anyone in the world. The curriculum is almost the same for every educational environment with language. The student just needs to learn how to speak and to write properly. As you are a native of the language being taught, you have the upper hand for the tutor job.


Mathematic principals are similar the world over. This makes it one of the best areas to teach online. As with language arts and communication based lessons, you will need to have a high level of proficiency in order to teach mathematics correctly. Teaching math will require that you have a video and a microphone. The video is essential so that you can visually show formulas and methods of solving problems to your students. Because much of the world is visual learners, being able to relate mathematical data in a visual format is critical to being able to teach online successfully.

While the formulas and the technical application of mathematics have a global standard, it is important that you review the syllabus for the student that you are tutoring. The level of math will vary from client to client and from region to region. For example, the high school math for the US would differ from the UK.

Computer Proficiency courses

One area which is growing in popularity is computer proficiency courses. These courses range from the basic navigation and use of a computer to higher learning. Coding, HTML, application creation, as well as software-specific courses, are in need. If you have a firm grasp on how to do such, you may find tutoring online jobs.

Keep in mind that computer proficiency jobs differ from other tutoring jobs. Where with the language, math, and other areas of study you are ok to have just a microphone and video, with the computer proficiency you need to share your screen. Sometimes, it is best suited for you to share and control the screen of your student to help them understand the computer concepts being taught.

Ensure that when you seek a computer proficiency tutoring online job that you check with the site as to the regulations and the standards set. It is also equally important that you have the proper safety measures in place on your device to avoid viruses, hacking, and malware.

What fields are best to teach online?

The best jobs to teach online are those which can be taught with little need for question and answer. It is expected that there will be some inquiry from the student when learning a subject. However, you want to pick a subject that you can explain with little need for additional clarification. Second, choose a subject which you are comfortable in teaching. Just because a subject is in demand does not mean that it is best suited for you. Teach only what you are proficient in. Finally, teach something which students are seeking. This again goes to knowing the market, the curriculums, and standards for digital/online tutoring.

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