What Is Application Software?

In computer science, it is understood by application software, application programs or in some cases applications, all the computer programs generally installed in the system by the user , and designed to carry out a specific and specific objective, of a recreational type, instrumental, communicative, informative, etc.

In other words: all those programs that do not have to do with the operation of the computer , but we install it to give it certain functions as a work tool ( spreadsheet , word processor, graphic design programs, etc.), leisure (video games, audio or video players, etc.) or information (digital encyclopedias, Internet browser , etc.), among others.

The application software is normally designed and marketed apart from the system software that is factory-incorporated into the computer, and its selection and installation in the system is totally free will of the user. It is not, however, impossible for many such programs to come pre-installed – due to business agreements and specific promotions – on the hard drive of a newly purchased computer.

Examples Of Application Software

Some Popular Examples Of Application Software Are:

Google Chrome

This is the name of this Internet browser designed and published by Google Inc. , And distributed completely free of charge over the network. He revolutionized the bouquet by being one of the lightest and fastest explorers of the moment.

Open Office

An office software package, freely distributed over the Internet, to compete with popular paid versions, such as Microsoft Office. OpenOffice operates with open source and has both a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet (Calc), a presentation and slide software (Impress), a database (Base) and a mathematical formula editor (Math) , such as a graphic and visual effects editor (Draw).

Call Of Duty

Title of a range of war video games, characterized by their first-person narrative and programmed by the company Infinity Ward (although distributed by Activision). It was one of the most popular video games in its branch and its burden of violence and political content has often been criticized.


A software designed to establish telephone communications or video conferencing using Internet data transmission. It allows the user to establish their contacts agenda, manage various accounts and emit and receive both audio and video signals in real time. It is currently owned by the Microsoft company

Media Monkey

It is a multimedia player program: for audio and video files, developed by Ventis Media Inc. It allows you to organize, tag and play files, and operates on various operating systems.

Adobe  Illustrator

Designed for graphic editing and virtual representation of an art workshop, this program operates on the basis of a drawing board called “work table”, in which the work of artistic and creative design is carried out, helped by Various digital tools. It is owned by Adobe Systems and is in the Adobe Creative Cloud package.

System software

The system software distinguishes itself from the application software in that it does not offer the user the possibility of fulfilling their tasks, but rather it keeps the computer system running . In other words, it is an operating system: a program designed to operate the machine and keep it on and ready, ready for the execution of application programs.

This type of software is usually pre installed on computers , although it can be replaced by others at the user’s discretion. In that case the new system software must be purchased and installed as with any application software.

Some examples of this type of programs are: Windows , Unix, Linux, iOS, etc.

Programming software

The programming languages ​​are thus known , that is, the programs used to design other programs . For this, the user or programmer has several assistance tools in writing the code for the new piece of software, such as test functions or friendly interfaces.

All existing programs come from programming software, and each software of this type allows you to “write” a different language or protocol, although many, of course, are the equivalent of polyglots.

Some examples of this type of software are: QBasic, Visual Pro, C ++, Java script, etc.

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