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Marketing Ops: What Is It, And What Are The Benefits For Your Business?

Standing out among so much competition is one of the significant challenges that companies of different sizes and market niches face today. With consumers’ connectivity, a digital presence is mandatory to stay caught up and obtain the necessary visibility to leverage your business.

Companies with a marketing area can benefit from Marketing Ops and improve the management of people, processes, and tools to leverage the team’s performance, thus contributing to the organization’s growth.

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What Is Marketing Ops?

It is the abbreviation of Marketing Operations and, in summary, this area (or position) aims to contribute to the optimization and development of the other departments of the organization, making use of technological solutions that provide better use of both financial and human resources, thus ensuring a greater return on investment.

Based on data, the performance of this professional, or in this area, has a significant advantage since it makes it possible to guide and practice more powerful and efficient strategies, in addition to increasing the team’s productivity.

In general, Marketing Ops allows for the preparation of a stable and flat ground so that actions can be performed in the best possible way, increasing the probability of achieving the expected result. Therefore, the functions relevant to Marketing Ops are:

  • Data collection and market analysis;
  • Implementation of tools and processes that improve the routine;
  • Definition of strategic planning;
  • Measurement of the performance of the area;
  • Use of agile methodology in your favor.

Thus, based on relevant data and information, Marketing Ops transforms bureaucratic processes and makes them more efficient and automated, providing several advantages for your business.

Benefits Of Marketing Ops

Check below some of the main advantages that Marketing Ops can bring to your business.

Increased Productivity

By optimizing workflows and incorporating tools that eliminate manual and tiring routines, the organization can better use each professional’s capabilities, positively impacting increased productivity and saving time to perform tasks.

Identifies Ineffective Actions

Continuing to invest in stocks that are not giving the expected return only contributes to increased expenses and no financial return. Using Marketing Ops to your advantage, it is possible to observe which strategies are on track and which ones can be changed or canceled, reducing expenses with unnecessary and ineffective actions.

Avoid Wasting Resources

With Marketing Ops, you can optimize resources that make the most sense for your business and use them effectively to leverage your results. In addition, it allows adopting improvements, ensuring increased performance in the sector.

Using Data To Validate Your Marketing Persona

Marketing personas are semi-fictional profiles created from market data and insights and are essential for online and offline planning and implementing actions.

From mapping the ideal customer profile and data on the target audience, strategies are created that converge to attract leads and opportunities for the sales funnel.

In practice, the marketing persona serves as a guide to communication and relationship with a brand’s audience. Therefore, it is essential to consider consistent data when building a persona and reviewing it. Next, understand how to validate your marketing persona in this way.

Review The Lead Base

We start validating personas based on information about the profile and interests of the contacts you already have. That’s because the data collected by marketing automation tools and in the CRM provides valuable information about the quality of leads and the behavior of potential customers.

Here, it is essential to verify information such as age, gender, income range, position and content interactions, conversions, clicks, and other points that help carry out this mapping. If the persona is very far from reality, it is a sign that it will be necessary to revise it.

Apply Questionnaires

The forms for mapping the target audience are beneficial when there still needs to be a consolidated marketing structure, which does not eliminate the possibility of being applied at other times.

These questionnaires provide data on the target audience of a brand, company, or campaign, considering the profile and their habits, pains and challenges. From this, it is possible to build the persona by proposing how the solution offered by your company, be it a product or a service, will help to overcome these challenges.

Use The Ideal Customer Profile

The ICP, or Ideal Customer Profile, differs from the persona as it only considers data recorded about the “best customers” of a company. In this case, the information provided through the tabulation of data serves as input for elaborating and validating the persona.

This way, persona, and ICP are complementary and used to identify and segment audiences for campaigns and all marketing actions. Currently, the digital environment and the automation of these processes help to have more agility in this type of configuration.

Use Data Tools

As previously stated, personal validation depends on internal and external data. In this case, web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics help to measure traffic and conversions that tell about visitor behavior on website pages.

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