What Is The Life Of Vietlott Billionaires Now?

Concerned about being affected by suddenly becoming rich thanks to winning the Jackpot, most of the Vietlott winners choose to hide their identities, even hide their family members. However, many people also accept to reveal their identities and share their luck

VND 2,000 Became A Prize Of Over VND 5.7 Billion

The life of driver Phan Quoc Thuy (hometown of Ngoc Hoi district, Kon Tum province) changed 7 after he won the Jackpot 2 prize worth more than VND 5.7 billion of the self-selected lottery Power 6/55. Update with your favorite lottery games with https://w88nhanh.com. According to Mr. Thuy, winning the jackpot comes from the fact that he accidentally picked up a 2,000 VND banknote. The serial number of the banknote was used by him to buy the winning lottery numbers.

When receiving the award, Thuy did not hide his identity because he thought that this was lucky and needed to be public for everyone to know. However, Mr. Thuy’s life later met with turmoil. Many relatives and friends borrowed his money. Reluctantly he had to borrow up to about 700 million.

During more than 2 months of becoming a billionaire, Mr. Thuy also did not have a peaceful day because there are many untrue stories created after he won the lottery.

“Some people say I won tens of billion, some say I was bribed by Vietlott. I am the focal point of all the attention, I am very tired and stressed”, Thuy said.

According to Mr. Thuy, after receiving the lucky amount, he gave his parents and his parents-in-law, each of 200 million VND and gave them to sisters, brothers a little. The total amount of money he gave relatives more than 1 billion.

Thuy and his wife have two young children who are attending kindergarten. His wife is a makeup artist, while Thuy is driving a rubber company in Kon Tum with a monthly salary of about 6.5 million VND per month. In addition, he and his wife also deducted VND1.3 billion of the winning lottery to buy a 15-ton truck to earn more monthly income.

“My family is also planning to buy a 7-seat car to bring their children to school. Traveling on the road is very difficult”, said Thuy.

Winning The Lottery But Still Making Money Hard

The locksmith Nguyen Dinh Muoi (from Thanh An commune, Thanh Ha district, Hai Duong province) also suddenly became a billionaire when he was lucky to win the Jackpot 2 prize of Power 6/55 lottery worth more than 3.6 billion VND.

But in contrast to the Thuy driver, Muoi’s life was quite peaceful because he did not get many troubles after winning the lottery.

According to Mr. Muoi, he works as a key repair repairer for a boss in Hai Duong City. After winning the lottery, he spends 200 million VND to give to his boss. The owner was very happy, happy and hugged him for a surprise gift. “My boss is the one who has taught and helped my family for 20 years. I work on this land, so if I have some money, I want to share it with him”, Mr. Muoi said.

He also donated VND 130 million to donate to their church, give his parents and his parents-in-law, 100 million VND each and share it with brothers and relatives in the house.

life of Vietlott billionaires

The 15-ton truck worth VND1.3 billion was purchased by Mr. Thuy to earn more monthly income

Mr. Muoi said, he spent a total of about 700 million to share for everyone. He has a house yet, so the money he has left, he gave it in the bank and there is no plan in the future.
Each month, Mr. Muoi goes to fix the renting course and earn from VND 10-12 million. His wife also trades and repairs keys at home. This couple has a stable income to support their two daughters to study.

“Since I won the lottery, I haven’t taken a day off work. I still have to work hard from morning to night”, Mr. Muoi said happily.

Vietlott Billionaires Is Not Afraid To Reveal Their Identity

Recently, on November 25, the first lucky guest to win Jackpot 2 Power 6/55 from Hai Duong decided to publicize his identity. Nguyen Dinh Muoi received 3.2 billion VND after paying taxes as prescribed.

Nearly a month earlier, another lucky guest in Kon Tum also showed up and handed out 600 charity gifts in Khanh Hoa and Kon Tum at the same time. After winning the Jackpot 2 of Power 6/55 products 36th period worth more than VND 5.7 billion VND, the winner was Mr. Phan Quoc Thuy (permanent residence in Kon Tum) gave 600 charity gifts in Khanh Hoa and Kon Tum worth nearly VND 100 million.

Another person named Tung from District 6, Ho Chi Minh City also published his identity when he received the Jackpot 2 of Power 6/55 worth VND 5,794,470,000.

Mr. Tung was the first person to publicize his identity after winning the Jackpot 2 Power 6/55 and the second person to win the Jackpot of Vietlott.

Sharing in the direct award program, Mr. Tung said that he often enlisted to buy lottery tickets after work shift and when he knew he was winning, he was very happy and surprised because he just accidentally chose a set of number from birthdays of himself, his wife and identity card number.

life of Vietlott billionaires

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Muoi, the latest Jackpot winner decided to show up on the morning of November 25

The first person to surface after becoming a Vietlott billionaire is Mr. Tran Nhat Khanh, his career is a freelance business and he has a permanent residence in Tan Thuan Tay Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Khanh not only published his identity publicly but also interviewed directly with the news agencies. He won 10,900,430,250 VND, including a Jackpot value of 10,775,930,250 VND and an additional 124,500,000 VND because he won the first and second prizes.

The fact that the customers have accepted to reveal their names has erased doubts about the possibility that Vietlott has faked the winners. Vietlott currently operates businesses in 34 provinces and cities and is moving toward doing business nationwide.

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