What You Need To Know About The New AirPods Pro Update

Every program needs an update from time to time. We are particularly familiar with updates for apps. Instagram & Co. are updated at regular intervals. In this way, not only minor bumps in the software are compensated for. This also includes extended functions, a revised menu, or a new design. The Android and iOS operating systems also receive regular updates. So far, so well known.

However, what is unknown to many updates for headphones – because these are also continuously updated. This is what happened recently at Apple. The US company rolled out the major AirPods Pro update a few weeks ago. Since the headphones have no display or great controls, the update passed many users by. We’ll tell you.

What Features Does The AirPods Pro Update Have?

It’s such a thing with software updates for Apple’s headphones. The good news: there are regular AirPods or AirPods Pro updates. The bad news: Apple leaves open precisely what this AirPods Pro update contains. In contrast to its keynotes, where new models and software are presented in detail, Apple keeps a low profile with its earphones. Why this is so is not entirely clear. Perhaps, as in the current case, the company does not want to be naked because important construction sites are not being tackled, and long-awaited improvements are not being made.

As a result, innovations through an AirPods Pro update often have to be found out by the user himself. This makes it even more difficult for users to understand the updated policy, which is already inaccessible. So what is known? The fact is, Firmware 3E751 increases – and unfortunately, that’s all.

Where Exactly Is There Some Catching Up To Do For The AirPods Pro?

Many Apple users have wished that current weaknesses in handling could finally be addressed. One of the biggest annoyances for users of the current headphones is that the handoff feature does not work correctly. Handoff describes the process of making audio playback as seamless as possible when switching from one Apple device to another. For example, if you are currently using your iPhone + AirPods Pro and switching to the iPad, your headphones (so the theory goes) automatically recognize that you are presently operating another device and automatically pair with this second device.

There were always difficulties with this in the past, and the earbuds either did not connect to the new device or to the wrong one, which is not used at all. The function only got an AirPods Pro update with iOS 14, which uses iCloud data to improve pairing. Unfortunately, the bottom line was that this update had little effect, and users still had difficulties changing devices. There is also some catching up to do with gesture control.

For example, if you have set Siri up when you press the little stems, your headphones will forget this shortcut as soon as you use another device. Means: Switch from the iPhone on the iPad. The quick access will suddenly take you back to transparency mode (noise canceling is significantly reduced) and no longer to voice control via Siri. This clarifies that there are enough construction sites where the new AirPods Pro update or the last iOS 14 update could have started. It is a pity that this was not taken into account.

Find Out If You Have The AirPods Pro Update

As I said, both in terms of content and communication, Apple is keeping a low profile for the AirPods Pro update. However, it is relatively easy to find out if you already have the update and apply it if it is missing. To first find out which version of the firmware in your headphones is, take your iPhone to hand and go to Settings> General> Info> AirPods (or the individual name of your AirPods) > Firmware version.

If version 3E751 is displayed there, your headphones are up to date. If not, you can access the AirPods Top upper update. A little information in advance: There is no classic manual method for updating, similar to apps or the operating system, with your headphones. Typically, the new firmware is installed on its own and without any action on your part. Nonetheless, there is a simple trick you can use to get the AirPods Pro update.

We’ll tell you how to do this in three simple steps:

  • First, open a music app. This can be Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube. Turn on a song and let it play for at least 30 seconds. To be on the safe side, wait for 45 seconds to a minute.
  • When you have done this, pause or stop playback. Then take your headphones out and put them back in the charging case. When you’ve done that, close the cover.
  • Take the Lightning cable and use it to connect your charging case to a power connection. Let your headphones charge for at least half an hour. Take your AirPods Pro from the point and connect it again with your iPhone.

When you’ve done this, your headphones should update themselves automatically. Even if, at first glance, it doesn’t seem necessary to perform the AirPods Pro update (after all, you don’t know exactly what the update includes), it is recommended. Why? There are usually two types of updates for headphones: One is a software update that comes with a new iOS version and includes new functions. On the other hand, there is the AirPods Pro update with new firmware, as is currently the case. This primarily ensures that minor errors are corrected, and the connection is made more stable – and it’s worth it.

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