Applications That Smart Users Should Have on Android Device

If you consider that you are a smart Android user then you might be having at least one of the applications you would get to know about in this post. There is no harm in asking your friends or loved ones for videos or movies. But it gets really irritating.

If you want to get all the videos or movies yourself and that toot without putting any efforts then you have to binge on the right video downloading and streaming apps. Well, find out if you have the following apps in your device. And if not, do download them right away.


It is a free application that you can install in your android device without spending any pennies. The application is one of the most effective and wonderful app to use. The Vidmate app also ensures that you get the videos and movies in the formats and resolutions of your choice. You can search for the videos or movies through this app and it would search for you throughout the content of different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion and so on. The app also has a wonderful speed for its users. The application also allows the users to download the app in the best possible speed. The makers have developed the app in a way that the users get the top downloading speed that their network provider caters.


InsTube is a good and useful application that is well used in both Instagram and YouTube. Without any effort you can watch comfortably, download and share the content, videos, movies or videos from this running application. In this application you can even bookmark the prefered links, and you can hide any type of private videos in your device if you wanted to keep them. In simple words this application enables you to download and watch videos enormously. You can easily spend great time using this application. Because of its ease and effectiveness the application has become more popular.


Android video Downloader (AVD) is a executive and decent application that has a lot convenient to use interface. The main priority of this application is that it allows the users to download all types of videos from different websites. By using this application you can download and watch any type of flash videos. The Android video downloader is certainly free. Without any effort you can easily browse videos and download them within the app. The application also helps in tracking the present downloading status. There is a drawback for this application is that it will not working with YouTube. Other than this drawback, the application is cool as it gets you access to clips, videos and movies across so many other platforms. Moreover, icing on the cake is that the application is user friendly for everyone.


So, you can get all these applications to download from 9apps. The third-party play store would allow you to get the apps without any problem and hassle. It is a safe and reliable platform to get all these apps for free.

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