Firefox Offers Great YouTube Extensions That Can Be A Reason To Set It As Your Default Web Browser

Firefox can often be an alternative for all users who are looking for a different web browser experience and who don’t like working with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and others. Firefox often cites the security and privacy of users as its main advantage, and extensions can often be seen in the same group. There is an interesting selection of Firefox extensions that can really upgrade your web browser experience. Those extensions we will speak of in this text are exclusively related to YouTube.

Watching videos on YouTube and using the features of this service can sometimes have segments that bother some users. For most people who use YouTube on a daily basis, the first thought in this context is the exhaustive ads that literally overwhelm the videos. Especially when these ads are about products that have nothing to do with you or your browsing history (it is something quite different when the ad is related to some of your activities online, such are ads promoting bookies that accept Apple Pay). Some users may be looking for a better video experience on YouTube or may want to download some videos to their computer. There is a solution to all of these activities, and Firefox’s YouTube extensions are a great upgrade. They can easily surprise someone because they really complement the use of YouTube and can solve many of the problems we encounter when watching videos on this service.

YouTube High Definition

The first Firefox extension that can enhance YouTube video viewing activity is YouTube High Definition. This extension is a powerful tool that automatically launches YouTube videos in HD, resizes videos, offers auto-stop and mute buttons, and many other features.

With the YouTube High Definition extension, as a user, you can be sure that your YouTube videos will always run at the best possible resolution, and there is also the option to set your preferred resolution if you use a weaker monitor or if you have a weaker Internet connection.

YouTube High Definition even supports any YouTube video available on external platforms like Facebook or Twitter. In fact, wherever you spot a YouTube video, this extension will work.


SponsorBlock is a Firefox extension ideal for users who don’t want to watch sponsor notifications, subscription reminders, intros, or similar pop-up notifications that can disrupt video viewing. When you open a particular video on YouTube, SponsorBlock checks the database of registered sponsors and automatically skips them.

It works based on user input, so it immediately marks ads and other segments on the open video timeline. In this way, the user can determine if he still wants to watch or receive notification of some of the announced content.

Video Download Helper

An extension called Video Download Helper allows you to download various types of videos, audio content, and photos from the web. This extension is not closely related to YouTube and can be used on various other sites and services.

Its feature is that it automatically appears as soon as it notices that certain videos or photos are embedded within the website. In this case, the Video Download Helper extension will be activated when you watch a particular video on YouTube and with it, the video can be easily downloaded to your computer by clicking on the button that appears inside the Firefox web browser.

The purpose of Video Download Helper is not just to download video clips. It can be used to convert video formats, such as a change from WebM to MP4 format. It can also be helpful when merging content. If you want to combine various audio or video contents that are separate, Video Download Helper can also be a tool for you.

YouTube Downloader WebX

The extension that is exclusively related to YouTube is YouTube Downloader WebX. It has a very similar purpose as Video Download Helper and is used to download video and audio content, but exclusively from YouTube. As soon as this extension notices that a YouTube video is embedded in a particular website, it will offer the ability to download or extract audio.

YouTube Downloader WebX extension is easy to use and also has the ability to convert various video formats.

Enhancer for YouTube

Enhancer for YouTube is another great extension that, like YouTube High Definition, enhances the experience of watching videos on YouTube. It does several things at once and upgrades video viewing, and interestingly, it adds certain keyboard and mouse shortcuts to make settings. The functionalities it brings don’t exist as default options on YouTube.

With this extension, you can control the ads, video playback speed, volume (using the mouse wheel). Enhancer for YouTube also allows you to automate repetitive tasks on YouTube such as video quality selection or similar. The extension supports dark themes on YouTube and a pop-out player for YouTube videos that will appear and stay on top of your window no matter what else you do.

Adblocker for YouTube

Adblocker for YouTube is, we are sure, the right thing for a large number of users who spend their time on YouTube on a daily basis. Unfortunately, YouTube has become a service full of ads, and almost no ordinary user can start a video without appearing similar content. Lately, you even need to watch two ads in a row before starting to play a video.

Adblocker for YouTube basically does three very important things:

  • Removes all video ads that appear on YouTube videos.
  • Launches the YouTube website and videos on it faster.
  • Supports Firefox in desktop and mobile versions.

Things are very simple here because Adblocker for YouTube allows the user to no longer have to watch ads that have him wait for the selected video to play, and the same user will surely notice that the YouTube website and videos run much faster. Adblocker for YouTube can be just that extension that will make you switch to using Firefox as your default web browser.

We have made sure Firefox provides great tools for watching YouTube and you should certainly try out these free extensions and enhance your viewing experience.

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