How Do You Change Marketing Processes In A Company?

Such a rethinking in terms of processes and structures is not just implemented. In addition, as a rule, an analysis must first be made of exactly where there is potential for process optimization and which methods are suitable to become more effective, more transparent, and more economical.

Because in addition to all the effectiveness that defined and structured marketing processes offer, the quality and usefulness for potential customers must not be lost. In addition, the exact strategies and processes in a marketing department first have to be found, especially when it tries to work on new formats or marketing disciplines. In terms of marketing processes, there is also no universal method suitable for every company and its respective marketing. Instead, the individual methods must always be adapted to your goals and the products and services. However, it can help enormously if you use some generally applicable methods and processes and expand them with your individualized adjustments.

However, these cornerstones of your marketing processes are no guarantee. Often, structures and processes in companies have grown, and it is tough to break through them and adapt them if necessary. This means that you need perseverance and a strategy to convince decision-makers and essential stakeholders in your company.

To do this, you should draw up a precise benefit evaluation. Furthermore, an analysis of the previous processes is suitable, making their weaknesses clear and showing potential for optimization. Present a strategy and a concept that will convince management, sales managers, controlling, and, in particular, marketing management. Get a pilot project rolling. Marketing managers and marketing directors, in particular, make savings in the marketing budget often popular with management.

So select a sub-area of ​​your marketing – for example, creating advertising material or trade fair appearances – and subject it to an examination. With a plan that leads to more efficiency, cost reduction, and consistent quality, you should have your manager’s GO in your pocket.

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Opportunities for more efficient processes in marketing with actual savings potential

1. Team communication – don’t waste your time

Structured communication within the team and across departments is part of every efficient marketing process. It is about distributing and processing tasks and measures and transparently communicating the goal, strategy, timeline, and individual activities of each marketing campaign. This is the only way to ensure that everyone pulls together and can avoid the following mistakes:

  • Tasks are overlooked / not processed.
  • The tonality, introductory statements, and structures of the individual measures do not match because different people/departments designed them, and there was no coordination.
  • You don’t get the campaign on the road because deadlines and follow-up are not clear.
  • You have inconsistent briefings that lead to inconsistent results.

All of these errors lead to delays and significantly more work. The overarching communication, as well as the management, must therefore be integrated into the marketing process. All members must adhere to their rules, such as informing the project manager or coordinating and notifying the campaign manager. If you work with an agency that, for example, fills your website or creates your graphics and layouts, you should also agree with them on transparent communication as part of the process.

Project management methods and tools can be a great relief, as you can put everything down in writing, and no information from meetings and phone calls is lost. At the same time, nobody drowns in a flood of mailings. In addition, everyone involved knows where to find the information they need.

2. Reduce costs for graphics, design, and layout

Design is usually a significant cost factor in marketing. Especially when graphics are created externally by an agency or a freelancer, it can quickly become expensive. Especially when complex coordination, briefings, and correction loops also put a strain on the marketing budget.

Here it is advisable – where possible – to use standardized templates to save costs and time. Furthermore, their processing and filling should then be precisely regulated. If, for example, only texts have to be exchanged, “non-graphic designers” can often do this if they have the necessary programs such as InDesign or Adobe Illustrator. This saves you a lot of costs, but you can still use the agency for creative work and the creation of individual and new advertising material.

Check your previous posts, especially if you are working with external service providers. Where do most of the budget hogs occur? Often there are items like “coordination” or “project management” or “communication.” This is precisely where improved marketing processes for graphics, layout, etc., come into play because there is always the potential for optimization.

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3. Potential savings in content marketing – recycle!

Content is still king in modern marketing. But creating it is also a supreme discipline. In most cases, specialist articles, website texts, white papers, and blog posts must be diligently created. That takes up a lot of time and ties up resources.

Don’t get me wrong; content marketing managers are essential for a functioning marketing department – I’m one myself, but you can also become more effective here. As a rule, your company and your products have already existed for a while. This means that you can fall back on a whole potpourri of content that has already been created in marketing. For content marketing, this means that not every piece of content has to be created from scratch.

Better to recycle your existing content. Use parts of older whitepapers in blog posts or turn your product demos on the website into a webinar. You can also feed old materials or pieces of content with new information and thus bring them back up. Sales presentations are also an ingenious source of inspiration for customer-oriented content ( customer-centricity ): Ask your sales colleagues whether you can use their content for user-oriented guides, product data sheets, or landing pages. Because as a rule, your company’s salespeople know how to get your products to the customer.

To use all of these existing materials for new or updated content, you should create a content pool. Content marketing managers and copywriters and, for example, social media managers can access the content there and use it further. It is often worth expanding the editorial plan to include a list of your existing content so you create a transparent overview.

The creation of content should also be the basis of a marketing process. Because especially when several marketers are creating texts and content, it is essential to ensure a uniform tone and language so that your brand and your company are always correctly perceived.

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