How Much Does It Cost To Do SEO?

It is not easy to quantify how much to invest in SEO consultancy, but considering some factors helps to understand based on what the cost can vary.

Optimizing content and websites for search engines is an essential operation for achieving the objectives set for ourselves online. SEO services, however, have a cost that can vary based on several factors. You will see below the prices of the services an SEO consultant offers to get a general idea of ​​how much it costs to do SEO for an optimization and positioning campaign on the web.

Hourly SEO Consultancy

The hourly consultancy that SEO consultants make available to aspiring digital marketers and professionals who operate online is usually carried out via videoconference, with screen-sharing tools on programs such as Zoom, TeamViewer and Skype. The cost of this service varies according to the SEO coach and, of course, the hours dedicated to training or consultancy: the minimum prices per hour range from 50 to 150 euros, based on the consultant’s availability but also on his preparation and notoriety.

Monthly SEO Consultancy

This is the most widespread but effective SEO consultancy for positioning online content in the best possible way because it allows strategic continuity and analysis: ad hoc strategies are studied in one or more months to increase user traffic as much as possible. And the site’s visibility in question, such as keyword research, link building, on-site optimization, etc. The expected cost for this type of consultancy varies on the timing required for the project. It ranges from 300 euros per month for small and medium-sized activities to be optimized locally to figures such as 2,500 euros per month. For brands to promote nationally and internationally.

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Seo Audit

The activities carried out by the SEO consultant include preliminary investigations of the website to be optimized: through an audit search, the critical points of the content, the weaknesses and the strengths can be established. The SEO Audit verifies the current positioning of the content, makes an on-page technical scan and analyzes the correctness of the source code, usability, and quality for readers and search engines. Subsequently, a report is sent to the customer containing the problems detected and possible solutions.

This service, which requires an average of 10 to 30 days of study, has a cost ranging from one thousand to 4 thousand euros.

Keyword Research

The keywords, detected after a careful search, are essential to optimize the website: by studying the keyword selection, the queries and the SERPs, you will get effective keywords able to position the content at the top of the search engines. For this SEO service, a work of about 10-30 days is expected and a price ranging from 200 to 2 thousand euros.

On Page- Optimization

This term, otherwise known as on-site SEO, indicates the optimizations made to the content concerning the site and web pages. On-page SEO ensures that the Google algorithm considers the content in question as relevant and positions it, therefore, at the top of the search. The textual contents are then improved or, in most cases, rewritten from an SEO perspective with the previously established keywords. The on-page SEO services are also part of:

  • Optimization of tags, meta descriptions, and HTML codes;
  • The optimization of menus, images, texts and links inside the site.

An average timeframe of 25 to 30 days for these SEO services and a cost of about one thousand euros are expected. Still, it could be said that it is a continuous improvement intervention to be integrated into your online strategy.

Link Building

Link building is one of the essential SEO services, the most complicated and expensive one, which requires specific skills and extensive experience in the field, as well as the use of professionals also different from SEO, such as digital PR. Otherwise called off-page SEO, the link building of a website provides a quote to be submitted to the customer, a kind of report in which the strategies adopted, the contacts with any publishers, the search for valid links and their monitoring, a careful analysis of the competition are reported and the backlink profile of the site. All these services require a considerable amount of time to develop all the points listed in the best possible way. As for the cost, we are talking about figures that are, on average, around 2 thousand euros per month, to which the publication price on each site must be added, which ranges from 10 euros up to 2 thousand euros for national publications featured in Gnews.

How Money Do You Need To Spend To Position Yourself On The First Page On Search Engines?

Competing for the first position on Google by asking a consultant how much it costs to do SEO is a somewhat naïve question whose answer requires proper investigation. Optimizing your site depends greatly on your budget, the target you intend to reach, and the necessary changes to make the content stand out from competitors.

The costs of optimal positioning vary according to the requested service: many sites need a few interventions to be visible on Google, and others must be built step by step from an SEO perspective. For some projects, it could take many months of SEO strategies, if not a whole year, and some interventions, such as managing an internal blog or link building, are processes that must constantly be updated.

Contacting an expert SEO consultant also allows you to optimize the financial resources available. After carefully analyzing the site conditions, he will advise you on what to do and direct you to the best solutions for your brand. The SEO analyst will be able to study the changes and the appropriate strategies to better position the site, make it visible to as many users as possible and allow commercial benefits to be gained from it.

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