How To Defend Yourself From Online Scams

Below are the precautions indicated from time to time by various bodies to avoid, or at least cushion these online scams:

  • Don’t put apparent passwords, like a birthday or first and last name. The more complex it is, the better it will be;
  • Do not click unknown links and do not give passwords and sensitive data to unknown third parties;
  • Do not download files whose contents you do not know;
  • Pay, if you have the possibility, always with PayPal;
  • Verify the reliability of the website on which we are shopping;
  • Change passwords often to protect personal data;
  • Always check your bank transactions.
  • Contact your partners directly by telephone, on the contacts already in your possession, in case you notice discrepancies regarding the payment methods (change of IBAN, for example);
  • Often change passwords and check if the default mail reception rules have been changed;
  • Protect the Wi-Fi network using strong passwords;
  • Activate two-factor authentication for access to home banking services;
  • Pay attention to the use of smartphones, which make our life easier, but do not allow us to see gross errors made by criminals that would be easily identifiable on a regular computer;
  • Constantly update the operating system;
  • Install an antivirus and antimalware ;
  • To sensitize and update the personnel responsible for paying commercial transactions by informing them of such hacking phenomena;
  • Check the email address: although the sender’s name is “TV Subscription Office”, the email address will have nothing to do with it;
  • A scammer rarely addresses you by name – they will use your username listed in your email to manage you with a “Dear Customer”. If you notice, trustworthy companies will reach out to you directly especially when it comes to essential or economic matters or affecting your accounts;
  • Hover your mouse over the link you are asked to click on (without clicking of course) – if it sounds unusual, it is most likely fake and going to that website and entering your credit card details will unfortunately only serve to finance the criminals IT professionals, not to renew your TV subscription;
  • If you also encounter numerous spelling and grammatical errors or blurred logos then the email may not be legitimate;
  • If an email asks for immediate action or arouses curiosity, be cautious and suspicious;
  • Never respond to an unsolicited email asking you for personal, financial or sensitive information;
  • Unusual file type; if the file seems strange to you, don’t open it.
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How To Defend Yourself From Online Scams

Below are the precautions indicated from time to time by various bodies to avoid, or at least cushion these online scams:Don't put apparent...

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