How To Find React Developers To Build Your Application?

React is undoubtedly the most popular frontend framework right now, so if you’re planning to build a stable and well-performing app to support your business, React might be the way to go. But first, you need to find some experienced React developers. Here’s where you should start.

Attracting React developers to your company

Job portals like ZipRecruiter, Indeed and of course, their local counterparts are the first place to go. But before you create a nice job posting, make sure that your career website looks professional and includes as much information as possible about working conditions and requirements.

Don’t forget to use your social media channels, and maybe post on some software development groups (Facebook has plenty!). If you issue a company’s newsletter or RSS feed, you can put a job offer there too.

If not directly, you might sweep a developer through recommendation. It’s a great idea to use people around you via internships or referrals. Maybe your current employees know somebody and are willing to recommend them for some extra money bonus or other benefits.

Finding React developers directly

By using Boolean, Quoted or Parenthetical search methods on Github, Linkedin or any web browser, you can find a lot of React developers fitted to your company’s profile. Additionally, business websites like Linkedin have special tools for recruiters that include so many ways of filtering candidates, and as a result, making your task so much easier.

Tech events are a great occasion for networking, which means that you can also meet candidates in person (or virtually in the case of online webinars). IT meetups have endless possibilities to target your future employees. From attractive booths, cool gadgets, sponsorship deals, to informal gatherings with drinks and food.

Good luck!

Additional resources on finding React developers.

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