Cybersecurity Spotlight 2022: Learn Which Cities Are Best To Jumpstart Your Tech Career

As COVID-19 spread across the planet, more and more organizations were forced to deal with cyber threats. Malicious actors were quick to leverage the fear and uncertainty generated by the pandemic, exploiting the lack of basic cybersecurity practices and vulnerabilities to obtain access to enterprise systems and networks. Consequently, there’s an open job opportunity for individuals with the right skill sets. You can get into cybersecurity regardless of your experience level. Cyberattacks are increasing in regularity and severity, which translates into the fact that there’s an urgent need for skilled personnel. There’s never been a better time to kickstart a career.

If you’re well-qualified, you have the liberty to choose where to work

Qualifications are useful because they make skills visible. You can get into cybersecurity without a degree, but it’s confidently assumed that a person with a bachelor’s or master’s degree can make the best use of their skills in the labor market. At present, employers seek a combination of experience and education. Having a degree isn’t a must, yet it guarantees that you’ll be highly compensated, not to mention that you have more career options. If you’re well-qualified, you enjoy more flexibility in terms of choosing where you want to work.

You can take your career wherever you want to go. You’re able to work anywhere in the world, as the cybersecurity market ensures flexibility and independence. In the United States alone, 922,720 people were employed in cybersecurity-related jobs between June 2019 and May 2020. According to the experts, there’s still a wide jobs gap. Where you’ll start your tech career will determine how successful you’ll be earning a living from it. Cybersecurity jobs are located across America. Nevertheless, you can apply for jobs abroad. You can either move overseas or work remotely.

Here is what the top 5 list looks like

Corporations, as well as public sector organizations, have difficulty recruiting and retaining talent. Without further ado, these are the locations where you could establish and build a cybersecurity career:

  • Washington D.C., U.S.
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Brussels, Belgium

Basically everyone is hiring these days when it comes down to cybersecurity. The question is who isn’t. It’s hard, if not impossible to find a region that isn’t hiring talent. The cities enumerated above represent the top destinations for cyber professionals according to a study by Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the list isn’t exhaustive. If you’re looking for a job closer to home, there are several options to choose from, such as Huntsville (Alabama), Augusta (Georgia), Raleigh (North California), and Colorado Springs (Colorado), just to name a few.

Washington D.C. remains the best city to find a high-paying job in cybersecurity. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that the capital accommodates government agencies, which need many cybersecurity professionals. The opportunities are really amazing. Federal legislation supported by Democrats and Republicans is aimed at addressing cybersecurity loopholes in the infrastructure, so America is wrestling with malicious actors for the very first time. If you decide to move here, look at the offers available. Find out what tech companies have intense hiring needs.

If you’d like to move to another country to find employment, know that cybersecurity experts in Luxembourg earn a handsome salary. Luxembourg is among the front-runner countries both in Europe and the world. There’s strong collaboration between the private and public sectors, all activity being supervised by the Ministry of Economy. Cybersecurity doesn’t focus solely on IT, but also on legal aspects, communication, and social competence. If you consider job availability, average salary, and cost of living, you’ll conclude that Luxembourg is one of the best places to live for a cybersecurity job behind Washington, of course.

What are the job titles with the most postings?

An ever-increasing number of IT professionals are joining the cyber workforce. There are various roles in cybersecurity, as follows:

  • IT security specialist – As a rule, organizations have various IT security experts, each one specialized on a specific area. This way, they’re vigilant in combatting attackers and protecting information assets. As an IT security specialist, it’s up to you to install and configure security software, educate employees about possible threats, and respond to cyberattacks with the right countermeasures.
  • Information security specialist – An information security specialist makes sure that the company data remains secure and the organization can handle a cyberattack. Your job is to run regular checks and suggest necessary improvements. You get to work with lots of people, including in-house analysts and professionals from outside the organization.
  • Network security engineer – The demand for network security engineers is growing by the minute. A professional of this kind is charged with designing and administering security systems. Simply put, you protect the company from bugs, malware, and hacking attempts. You need to know what the risks are out there and create a plan for managing risk.
  • Security engineer – Faulty software can lead a network vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and prevent issues that could arise in the future. You need to create and implement solutions that safeguard organizational products and services.
  • Application security manager – Besides ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates, you help secure web applications and protect them from emerging threats. As an application security manager, you can work in countless industries, getting to spend your time in an office environment.

Final considerations

Cybersecurity jobs tend to be centralized in one location owing to the nature of its specialty. You’ll find a great many flexible lifestyles that can accommodate your needs and desires. If you’re a recent grad and ready to jumpstart your tech career, moving to Washington might sound like a great idea. After all, who wouldn’t want to start out in the American capital? Nonetheless, the choice is up to you. There are several other cities with job potential, so take your time. You don’t have to decide right now. Sometimes, salary numbers don’t tell the entire story. Take into account the cost of living when examining the relative earning power. Compare housing, food, utilities, transportation, and so on.

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