Reviewing Instagram’s Boomerang That Enhances The Video-Looping Game

Since the mobile app’s launch in 2010, Instagram emerged social media behemoth. Surpassing Twitter, its mainstream and toughest competitor, the photo-sharing platform has over 800 million monthly active users.

Although you know it as an effective and strong brand-building network, IG owes its massive popularity mainly to providing an effective and easy-to-use platform for friends, like-minded folks, and family.

  • One of its most commercially viable endeavors in the recent past has been Boomerang, a user-friendly app and IG’s fourth meritorious, standalone and propelling software after Layout, Hyperlapse and Bolt.
  • A group of masterly engineers created this app at a hackathon. It’s a mobile app for generating mini videos, which you play forward and backward.
  • The entire process runs in a loop.
  • Before IG pictures, Vines and FB videos took social media by storm. GIFs also fell under the sharable radar that monopolized webworld.
  • What Boomerang provides is the ability to transform regular and ordinary moments into unexpected, exciting and fun videos that narrate a compelling and strong visual story.
  • Creating an HD video loop, wherein you stitch together both the back and front facing camera photos, you know how the app allows content sharing to both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Right after downloading the software, you can start making videos sans any login or sign-up.
  • You start right from the full-screen camera’s viewfinder. The interface is very user-friendly, which includes just three simple keys/buttons.
  • These are the shutter, the flash, and the flip-cam sign, which you’ve on the bottom right.

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From The Perspective Of Parents

If parents or elders did a review of Boomerang, the first thing that hits the eye is its ease of play. Most people have given it a 4-star rating on a scale of 5. The app doesn’t have any violence, sex, profanity, consumerism and smoking, drugs and drinking.

  • Parents need to keep in mind that Instagram’s Boomerang makes animated GIFs, which are short videos playing on loop.
  • You start by shooting ten quick images from your back or front camera.
  • Teens can then share the material to Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media or messaging platform, which you connect to the device.
  • Young users don’t connect use Boomerang directly to connect socially. The videos they make through Boomerang get automatically saved to camera roll of your device.
  • As you’ve already read, the terms of service and privacy policy are the same as IG’s. It doesn’t any hateful or violent messages, and absolutely forbids nudity.
  • By default, all the pictures you share on your IG account are public. They entail location details.
  • However, users have the scope to adjust and modify settings. For those already on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve nothing new to bother about except sharing careful and thoughtful content.


Another Viewpoint

Some firms say that parents need to know if a child below the age of 18 is using Boomerang or not. No person under 15 years of age should use the app. You already know that it doesn’t have any bullying and sexting risk, or adult content, both in video or photo. There’s also no risk of meeting strangers.

  • So, the crux of the matter is Boomerang allows you to create superb looping videos and post them on your Instagram account. Since the platform allows you to share photographs of other users along with direct messaging, elders or parents must be aware that only 18 plus people can use it.
  • Since they designed this app in sync with Instagram, the same warnings and rating come into play.
  • If your child is using Boomerang, make sure you talk to them about its potential dangers or hiccups pertaining to social media anomalies.
  • You need to ensure they use the app in a responsible and safe manner.
  • The best part of Boomerang is that it makes regular moments unexpectedly fun and memorable.
  • If you want to make a bland video attractive and worth seeing time and again, this app could be the right tool for you.
  • It helps you make appealing mini videos, which you can loop both ways. Sharing with your friends is the next step.
  • Find someone or something that’s in motion. You can also create a selfie video by switching to front camera.
  • You can do it with just one button. With one tap, Boomerang can do the rest.

Note On The Features

You can download the 11MB app and install it on your phone. It’s available for both iOs and Android. When you first run it, it asks you to stand still and focus your phone camera on a moving object.

  • When you press on the Get Started button, it gives you access to your camera. It’s pretty much the same with Hyperlapse.
  • Its interface is similar to Layout and Hyperlapse. Boomerang hardly has any interface. After permitting the app to implement your camera, you can just use a selfie view on its screen with a big, momentous shooting menu.
  • Just as you switch to its rear-facing camera, the app provides a tooltip that suggests you to locate something that’s moving.
  • Then you switch to the frontline camera, which takes you to the selfie boom format.
  • Tap on the record button and the app will seek access to the roll of your camera.
  • Boomerang uses the burst picture mode of your camera instead of shooting a normal video.
  • It results in a comical, tripsy and jerky visage, which is akin to a stop-motion or flipbook animation.
  • The slight motion also attaches a weird and eccentric 3D effect to your images.
  • The app transforms any moving object or subject into a compact, 4-second video clip.
  • It’s actually funny to see your pals walking in fast motions, in alternating patterns.

In A Nutshell

Boomerang has gained so much popularity in such a short time because of its uncanny ability to turn drab stuff into sensational ones. Capture a pal jumping off a skating board, showing peanuts to physics as he moves back and forth in the air. It allows you to score some real likes, which you can get from reliable websites.

You can also convert an ordinary selfie with your mates into a funny and engaging video. Capture that precise moment when your pal blows out her birthday cake’s candles.

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