SodiusWillert Merges With Willert Software Tools

The merger between Sodius and Willert Software Tools will enable a unified vision that weaves engineering information into the enterprise. The companies bring complementary backgrounds to their combined efforts to drive the integration of engineering information. The combined force will connect and amp the synergy of their respective platforms and services. Interested in learning more? Visit While the merger may not change much, it will surely help companies in their quest for improved engineering information management.

Engineering Tools Integration Solutions

SodiusWillert, a global software tools vendor, has announced a merger with Willert Software Tools. The combined organization’s vision is to help engineering organizations achieve greater efficiency through the integration of their dedicated tools. With complementary backgrounds, the companies will work together to deliver the best products in less time. Read on for more information on the SodiusWillert merger. Here are some of the company’s key products and services.

SodiusWillert has a wide selection of software that can help engineers deploy next-generation products and processes. Its OSLC Connect for Jira and Siemens Polarion ALM connectors allow real-time data exchange. It also publishes complete UML and SA DoDAF 2.0 models. SodiusWillert can help any organization achieve complete engineering toolchain integration with a single software platform.

Engineering Tools Integration

With a complete suite of software solutions that integrate engineering data from multiple disciplines, SodiusWillert is a one-stop shop for engineering data integration. Their integration add-ons bridge silos and enhance the data sharing among teams, speeding up the development process and reducing time-to-market. Read on to learn more about SodiusWillert’s software solutions.

The Sodius-Willert merger increases the company’s capability to integrate embedded software and engineering information. This merger opens up new possibilities for software and systems integration, as it brings together global leaders in engineering information and code generation. With this, engineers are able to achieve a single, cohesive view of the project’s development process from start to finish. A single source of data can support the entire engineering team from requirements management to code generation.

Sodius Willert has a thriving global customer base in engineering and software development. Some of its clients include the automotive industry, aerospace, medical technology, railway, telecommunications, building technology, and energy. In terms of applications, the company develops and integrates software and embedded systems, enabling cross-functional teams to collaborate efficiently across various tool silos. Its solutions also include software development and consulting services.


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OSLC Tool Integration and Systems Engineering

The SodiusWillert Tool Integration and Systems Engineering suite integrates tools that simplify the processes for software and systems engineers. Customers can use it to implement link, exchange, and transformation solutions for their toolchains. These tools can also be used to improve product quality and reduce time-to-market. SodiusWillert has partnered with leading software vendors to bring its solution to market.

Willert Software Tools is a global vendor of software for engineering. The company specializes in software and embedded systems, and develops technologies to meet these challenges. In addition to tools and processes, the company also offers consulting and training services to help companies realize their full potential. The company’s solutions are used by companies across the globe in aerospace, medical, railway, energy, building technology, and more.

SodiusWillert has unique capabilities for IBM Rhapsody, which it integrates with peers and environment. The software also supports custom code generation, including creation of standard automotive software models. Furthermore, it offers a ReqIF-compatible requirement transformation toolkit. Finally, the software also supports the ARXML format. Sodius Willert Tool Integration and Systems Engineering suite helps companies create complex, interconnected design toolchains.

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