The Most Popular Sites For Downloading YouTube Videos in Mp3 Format

YouTube is currently the most important platform to watch video content almost without competition, because it contains a very large amount of videos, and many people face the problem of downloading videos from YouTube in MP3 format, so in this article we will mention the most popular sites for convert youtube to mp3 format and they are especially two sites Very important.

one of the most important video download sites from YouTube in general, and it gained wide popularity due to its great capabilities. Mp3x is one of the most popular sites for downloading YouTube videos in Mp3 format because of its great advantages, including the following: provides the feature for downloading videos from Facebook.
The site also provides the Instagram download feature.

It provides the download feature from the Daily Motion website DAILYMOTION, and the DAILYMOTION website is currently one of the largest online video platforms.

The site of course provides the feature of downloading from YouTube, whether it is one video clip in one format or different formats.

This site is one of the most popular sites for downloading convert YouTube in Mp3 format because you can download several clips (a large list of YouTube videos at once).

The site provides downloading videos without sound, and it also provides an important feature which is downloading video in different formats audio clips.

In order to download YouTube videos in MP3 format from the site, these are some steps, be with me step by step:

  1. Log in to mp3x and you can search for it on Google directly.
  2. When you log in, you will find many options for downloading as mentioned above, and you will find the phrase (Free YouTube Downloader).
  3. Enter “YOUTUBE VIDEO CONVERTER” and you will be redirected to another page.
  4. You will find an empty box called DOWNLOAD NOW, copy the video link from YouTube, paste it into the box, then press ENTER.
  5. Go down the page below, you will find many options, and you will find the video that you link to.
  6. Under the video, you will find this sentence (Wanna download YouTube to MP3? Try YouTube Converter) click on it, and you will be redirected to another window.
  7. You will find another blank field called CONVERT, copy the video link in it, press ENTER, and you will find the word Download MP3.

Note: You can directly access the YouTube to MP3 Video Converter from the options above.

Savefrom to Download YouTube Videos in Mp3 Format

Savefrom is also a popular site in the field of downloading YouTube videos in MP3 format, but it is less well-known than KEEPVID, due to the features it owns, but also the savefrom site is not a small site, it has an advantage over other sites, as the site is the most popular download site YouTube videos in Mp3 format because of its ease, here are the basic steps to do so:

  • Enter the official website of savefrom, by typing the word savefrom in the location of the browser link and then pressing ctrl + enter on the keyboard.
  • The site will open for you, you will find a very simple window, and you will find a blank white box.
  • Copy the link of any YouTube video to try it, paste it into the blank box, then press enter
  • You will see the details of the video link immediately, and these details are the name of the video, with the duration of the video in minutes and seconds, as they are found exactly on YouTube.
  • You will find a green box with the word download and video download options, and next to it you will find another box in which there is a mp3 field.
  • Click immediately on the mp3 field and the video will be downloaded.

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