Top Youtube Cheats And Secret Features You Should Know

One of the most popular platforms on the Internet is YouTube, due to the number of videos and hours of entertainment that it offers us completely free of charge. It has been around for a long time and that means that the developers have created numerous hidden tricks and secret functions so that the users who dedicate the most time to it can take full advantage of it.

These tips allow us to use YouTube like true professionals and take advantage of each tool to make our lives easier. Possibly you may think that you do not need extra tricks, although surely just by seeing the first one, you already want to know the others.

We Explain How To Use All The Hidden Functions

1. Activate YouTube Dark Mode

With the advent of AMOLED screens, the dark mode has spread and YouTube was one of the first in-person platforms on the visual health of the users. This function is also available on the computer and on our mobile so that we can watch the videos to our liking.

The way to activate it is very easy, in the chaos the computer, we must access our account and once inside click on the upper right button of the profile, in this drop-down we can see the section intended to switch between both modes. In case you want to activate it on your mobile, you have to go to our profile, then click on Settings> General and finally activate the dark mode.

2. Clear All Your Playback History

Although we are free to search YouTube for the channel we want or the video that interests us most, it may be the case or the need that we prefer to delete our search history for a specific reason. To do this, there is an advanced function from the computer that will allow us to erase even the smallest detail.

To carry it out we will have to go to the home page in the left sidebar click on history, once this is done it will take us to a new page where everything we have done within YouTube will be including what we have been able to see from the mobile phone.

To delete it we will have to click on the button “delete all the reproduction history” and then confirm it for our account. With just this simple step we will have eliminated all traces of our searches or reproductions on the platform.

3. How To Change The Playback Speed

One of the latest functions added to the platform is to change the playback speed, allowing us to see more videos in the minimum time or watch them more carefully so as not to miss any detail. To do this we just have to start watching a video and in the bottom, bar click on the adjustment gear.

Once we click on the option, we will be able to choose between the options or customize it even more to our liking with a slide button that allows us a multitude of options to choose from.

4. Share Videos From A Specific Second ( Exact Moment Of The Video)

On many occasions we may have needed to share the exact moment of a video, having to tell our contact to advance to the exact minute and second. This can lead to mistakes, make it difficult for us to understand each other or make it too complicated for us and we don’t.

YouTube and his team have thought about this and that is why, from the share button, we have an integrated function that allows us to choose the exact point of the video that we are going to send. This makes things much easier and gets us to take advantage of YouTube much more.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts For YouTube

Using YouTube and its player is a simple task that even the smallest of the house know how to do, despite this, if we want to do it faster and controlling all the times, we have keyboard shortcuts that few users know about. Using the keyboard of our computer we will be able to use all of them according to our needs:

  • K (or) SPACEBAR = Pause or play the video, a way to avoid having to catch the mouse, which takes more time.
  • J = Go back 10 seconds to remember something we have seen and it has caught our attention.
  • L = As before, but in this case to advance the video 10 seconds
  • Left and right arrows = Used to fast forward and slow down the video, but in this case only 5 seconds.
  • M = Turn off sound, even if the video is still playing.
  • Numbers from 1 to 9 = Indicate from which moment of the video you want it to be played, each number is associated with a percentage of the total video.
  • (+) or (-) = It is used to change the size of the subtitles so that regardless of our needs we can see them without a problem.

6. How To Save Videos For Later Viewing

In the beginning, we said of YouTube that it has many hours of entertainment and fun, so many that sometimes we cannot see everything we would like. To save videos and watch them at the weekend or free time, we can choose the store function, according to our taste or needs.

Some users have been using this tool for a long time and when they recall these folders, the videos excite them again, as happens with movies or music that you listen to again after a long time. To do this we just have to click on the “Save” button, which is right next to the share button, from there we will be able to create new public or private folders.

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