Want To Improve Your Work Efficiency? Handsontable Javascript Spreasheet To The Rescue

Hardly any business can operate effectively without a tool for data manipulation and visualization. Data empowers any workflow within a company. Whether you are a team of developers working on a next-generation solution for businesses or you are an enterprise willing to deploy an application to enhance your productivity, a JavaScript spreadsheet by Handsontable is the right choice for you.

Boosting Your Workflow with Handsontable Spreadsheet

A Handsontable JavaScript spreadsheet is designed to support robust data presentation and retrieval from numerous sources regardless of its scale. This makes the data grid suitable for both small projects and extensive suites processing big data.

Its functionality covers any possible actions you might need during the work with your data including support for advanced sorting, filtering as well as cell manipulation. In turn, cells have a wide range of types to choose from, whereas you can create your own types according to the specific needs of your project.

High customization is one of the major advantages of the Handsontable JavaScript spreadsheet. If the requirements of your business go beyond the prebuild functionality, your possibilities are unlimited for developing your plugins and adding other features to adjust your tool to your organization rather than modifying your workflows to be able to utilize your spreadsheet solution.

In addition to it, the Handsontable data grid is easily integrated with projects written in React, Vue, Angular and pure JavaScript while you can use rich documentation on Handsontable.com free of charge.

Adding Calculation Functionality to Your App with Handsontable

While standard JavaScript spreadsheets specialize in data visualization, the API developed by Handsontable is compatible with a dynamic calculating tool, HyperFormula, offered by the same team of developers. While this library of mathematical formulas is massive, it is still lightweight and optimized.

The collection of inbuilt operations of HyperFormula is constantly growing, however, just like the Handsontable spreadsheet, the calculation API does not limit you with its predefined functionality. Unlike the majority of other spreadsheets available on the market, HyperFormula features particular simplicity of creating complex formulas, which can be applied to large datasets.

Is Deploying Handsontable Data Grid Better than Building New Spreadsheet?

Even if you are an experienced developer, you will need quite a lot of time to build a JavaScript data grid with state-of-the-art functionality that already comes bundled with the Handsontable API. Investing your time and resources in such a project is not cost-effective when you can adopt a third-party solution already optimized for maximum performance.

Furthermore, Handsontable offers a licensing plan including support, which means you will not have to experience prolonged downtime in case your application experiences any disruptions.

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