What To Do When Your Team Members Does Not Work

There is a situation that may occur in the company and that comes to hinder the development of this common shared work. Communication problems are common in this context. And that does not mean that there must be difficulties in dialogue for all members of the group. Sometimes the rivalry between two of them has the ability to condition each other in a negative way. The reasons why a team does not advance are many.

For this reason, the first thing you have to do in this situation is to identify what is the reason for this obvious blockage. Otherwise, if you don’t stop at this point, this same routine may continue in the future. What’s going on? Once you know the answer to this question, you will have more light on the case. When you have clarified this question, go one step further: Why is it happening?

Systemic Coaching Process

Perhaps you can draw a conclusion from daily observation, but sometimes the reality is more complex. There are helpful resources that you can consider if you find yourself in this situation. For example, systemic coaching. A process of these characteristics will help the protagonists to observe how each one of them is part of this system, and what happens inside it also affects the others.

For example, when a farewell occurs in the team after the departure of one of its members, this goodbye generates a change. The same occurs when a new professional arrives to join his job.

A systemic coaching process sheds light on those who, for example, observe how they position themselves before the team and how else they can do it to improve their relationship with their peers. In other words, it provides a reflection on the link between the “me” and the “we”.

Implement Changes When The Team Members Does Not Work

If everything continues as before, if the dynamics that have led to this unwanted situation are sustained, the negative effects of this experience may also condition the results. On the contrary, if you take the initiative to specify some necessary nuances, you can open new doors with the collaboration of a team that has the capacity to transform. How are these developments going to be developed? This planning must be adjusted to the reality of the company to be viable.

When your team does not work, try to analyze, also, what part of the responsibility you have in this situation. Make decisions that are aligned with the essential purpose of fostering collaboration among those who are involved in a common challenge. Change can start with oneself because, in addition, the individual example also influences others.

Improves Efficiency In Team Meetings

This is one of the points where you can put the focus of attention to improve coordination, communication, and understanding from now on.

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