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The History And Evolution Of Mobile Apps

It isn’t easy to describe such a complicated path, but we could summarize it like this: And at the beginning … We saw a mobile phone in the cinema.

In 1987, Oliver Stone brought to the big screen a film in which a young Michael Douglas embodied the greed, corruption, and lack of moral values ​​of a Wall Street shark.

Gordon Gecko, the protagonist of ‘Wall Street’, would be an icon of the American dream. A self-made man who bought and sold entire companies with one call… From a mobile phone. It was the first time that the mobile telephone participated in a great Hollywood movie.

Just four years before the film was released, the American company Motorola had begun to market the first mobile phone on the market: the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x. Its price was $ 3,995. And then we complain about the prices of the new iPhones!

There was still a long way to go and the mobile phone was only conceived as a device with which to communicate from anywhere.

In December 1997, in many homes around the world, Christmas brought a mobile phone that did not seem to have anything excessively innovative either. It was the Nokia 6110. However, this mobile phone had the first mobile application in history pre-installed that would enjoy worldwide success. The overwhelming triumph of the game of ‘ The Serpent’ even surprised its makers.

Bear in mind that you were a succession of pixels – the snake’s body – that had to devour another pixel and grew in size. The object of the game was never to eat your own body. How simple does it sound? Well, millions of people of all ages and backgrounds spent long hours playing that universal mobile application.

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