What Are The Differences Between Marketing And Communication

You might have wondered what “Marcom” means if you’ve heard the acronym used. Simply put, MarCom is the convergence of marketing and communication. MarCom understands all aspects of how a message is delivered and to whom it is intended. Marketing and communications both have specific goals, objectives and career paths.

Definitions of Marketing and Communication

So what’s the difference between marketing goals and communication goals? Since a lot of people confuse the two because, well, it’s confusing. It is important to understand the distinction between marketing and communication.

What is communication?

Communication is an act that develops meaning between entities or groups using signs, symbols and semi-conventions that have been sufficiently understood from each other.

There are many models of communication interpreted by experts, including that of Lasswell. Lasswell’s communication model describes an act of communication by defining who said the message, what was said (the message), through what channel it was said, to whom it was said and with what effect.

Thus, communication elements are the people (the sender and the recipient), the message, the channel and the return. This whole process is called communication.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a strategy that encompasses all of the ways a business or organization serves its customers.

Well-known marketing professor E. Jerome McCarthy once called the Marketing Mix strategy, which includes the 4Ps: Product, Pricing, Place, and Promotion. According to McCarthy’s model, the marketing strategy can include everything from product development plans and product sales to choosing outlets.

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The objective of marketing and communication

Marketing and communications both get their messages out through channels such as television, radio, print and (of course) the internet. However, they also tend to have different goals.

Communication focuses on conveying a specific message that is not always related to the sale of a product. Communication focuses on the process of transmitting a message from the sender to the recipient through a channel. At the same time, the main goal of marketing is to educate and promote a product, service, idea, or organization.

Marketing is more concerned with numbers. Marketers study economic trends in their industry, analyze campaign performance, and report on the results of advertising campaigns.

Words are used more frequently in communication. Communicators focus on creating compelling texts that will spark the interest of prospects and retain them as customers. They can change their voice depending on the audience they are addressing.

Communicators can write in a variety of styles, such as paragraph style for a catalog or list style for a short print advertisement. Finally, marketing focuses on the behavior of the target audience. So marketers often track customer visits, inquiries, email activity such as opens and clicks, and overall buy rates.

On the other hand, communication focuses more on the attitude of its audience. Communicators are concerned with how customers perceive their company’s brand. In most cases, communicators focus on assessing customer satisfaction and credibility.

The relationship between marketing and communication

So, are communication and marketing linked? Yes, without a doubt!

Planning and executing communications should be part of the marketing strategy. This involves identifying key audiences, including customers and stakeholders, and sending them relevant messages.

Communication also involves choosing the appropriate medium, such as advertisements, newsletters, social media, websites, etc., to get your message out and develop a strategy for when and how to share the information. Good communication should help you build your brand and support your marketing and sales team.

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Specialize in marketing or communication

A communication degree aims to help students find solutions to communication problems. It can lead to corporate communications, public relations, strategic planning, and other types of management. A graduate of a communications program is prepared to work in various fields, including marketing. A communications degree is ideal for professionals who wish to advance in their careers and gain in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies, industrial innovation, leadership, and intercultural communication.

Marketing, on the other hand, specifically prepares students for jobs in marketing and advertising. Marketing programs cover topics such as the critical factors that govern business, the skills required to become an effective marketing and project manager, business ethics, marketing strategy, marketing research, and SEO. Other subjects.


Marketing is the strategic planning of promoting a business and its products, while communications are components of how the marketing strategy is implemented. Many small businesses mistakenly categorize advertising, promotions, public relations, and other communication tools under marketing. Communications support a marketing strategy that is more about planning than execution. Understanding the distinction between marketing and communication will help you develop effective sales strategies and tactics that will increase your profits.?

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